Three Wishes – Raging Stallion UNCUT Gay XXX Movie Review (NSFW)

What would you do if you had a magic genie? Would you have a happy sex life? Or would you have lots of materialistic objects? We all have different objectives depending on our backgrounds. Check out my thoughts on Steve Cruz’s Raging Stallion movie – Three Wishes – which is about a magically genie.

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I’m going to try and load these videos to Xtube as well:

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This movie stars: Tegan Zayne and Seth Santoro

Jason Vario and Tegan Zayne

Dolf Dietrich and Beaux Banks

Teddy Torres, Tegan Zayne, Riley Mitchell, Woody Fox

Jason Vario and Seth Santoro

3 thoughts on “Three Wishes – Raging Stallion UNCUT Gay XXX Movie Review (NSFW)

  1. Yeah, I feel like Tegan’s character screwed himself over by the end. I get he was down on his luck, but having a smoking hot guy fuck you while you live in luxury? I mean, tossing that way for a four-way in a sex club? Sure, the sex during the four-way might have been amazing, but it wasn’t worth it by the end. Especially after what the djinn did to him.

    Fantastic review, Paulie. I’m excited for the new porn review that’s (hopefully) coming soon.

  2. I was wondering if they were going to get into how sinsiter djinns/genies could be. Looks like Tegan found out the hard way (giggity).

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