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Trapjaw – Masters of the Universe Classics Filmation 2.0 Toy Figure He Man Review

It’s TrapJaw 2.0 from the Masters of the Universe Classics Filmation series. He closely resembles his 1980s cartoon counterpart but still has all the articulation of the Classics style of toys. Such an awesome figure! Thank you Rashnu for getting this!

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1 thought on “Trapjaw – Masters of the Universe Classics Filmation 2.0 Toy Figure He Man Review

  1. The new origin is interesting but dull. The original origin from the comic that came with the figure was better. He was a criminal from the future. Skeleton went to the future to enter Castle Greyskull and me Trapjaw. He was on the run (escaping by sliding down a rope with the hole in the head ironically) from what we can only assume were authorites and fell into a time portal Skeletor had created to enter Greyskull. This caused Skeletor to return to the past and fored to team with Heman to defeat a Greyskull power Trapjaw who had also returned to the past. When they did defeat Trapjaw Greyskull closed to Skeletor again and he decided to take Trapjaw with him to use him as one of his lackeys. In the years that followed it was sad that the fact he was from the future, and his cyborg self never explained, was never followed up by any author. It was a shame since that had so much story potential.

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