UltraMan Anime – Coming to Netflix in 2019

Anime Expo revealed a few new animations coming to Netflix in the near future. Besides getting a second season to Castlevania, we’re also getting UltraMan! Who is UltraMan? He is a superhero that fights Kaiju monsters with an array of special abilities that include size enhancements to grow as large as his adversary if necessary and he is heroic (usually). He technically never fought or teamed up with Godzilla, but there are very similar versions of both that have fought and teamed up. One famous meeting was Jet Jaguar (very UltraMan-ish) teaming up with Godzilla to fight Megalon. Netflix has been great with past animations and has an incredible version of Voltron that is currently in it’s 6th season. So I do not think we will have to worry about the cheesiness of the UltraMan in years past. This could be badass on so many levels!