Walking Dead #168 (Pride Variant Available), DKIII Finale, Darth Vader #1 – Comic Load 6/7/2017

It’s comic book day! We have Walking Dead #168 where Negan surprisingly sides with Rick and defends him. DKIII #9 – The finale to this series. It wasn’t horrible but it was not as good as many had hoped it would be. Green Lanterns #24 – The Green Lantern Corp finally come to Earth and start to train Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. Darth Vader #1 – Vader begins his search for his own red kyber crystal light saber. Spider-Man #17 – Miles Morales starts to go down a dark road. Deservingly so, but it is getting more bleak for the teenage wall crawler. Superman #24 – We find out the culprit behind everything that has been going on in the Kent farm. An old enemy returns. X-Men Gold #5 – A new Sentinel is accidentally created. Because of course that would happen. And finally in Batman #24, Batman does a very surprising act with Catwoman.

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2 thoughts on “Walking Dead #168 (Pride Variant Available), DKIII Finale, Darth Vader #1 – Comic Load 6/7/2017

  1. I wish comic sites or entertainment sites didn’t spoil the ending to Batman #24. It really takes the joy out of reading it. Plus we won’t know what happens for a while since the next story arc is a flashback. It was interesting to see who the inhabitants of Hamilton are in Superman #24. The villain seems a little too one-note for me in terms of his problems with Superman. It gets almost Superboy-Prime annoying. Green Lanterns #24 was a lot of fun with how Simon & Jessica completed their training. I can’t wait to hear your review on Iceman #1.

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