Since Bobby Drake aka Iceman came out as being gay, there has been a lot of controversy over this decision in Marvel Comics. Personally, I think it’s a great idea to show a character that has been closeted for years to finally come out in his adult life. Of course this had to happen after his younger time displace self outed him first. But that’s another topic. This is a great first issue for this ongoing series that was written by Sina Grace and illustrated by Alessandro Vitti.

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3 thoughts on “Iceman #1 – Gay Marvel Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

  1. Iceman coming out? I have no problem with that. I’m just not a huge fan of the character himself, personally. However, that said, I do like the idea of a younger version of a character meeting their older self, and gaining a whole new perspective as a result. Especially a gay man!

    Iceman Jr. gets to learn about his powers and what his more experienced, older self is capable of. And from the looks of it, older Iceman realizes that he needs to hurry up and get on with his life instead of hiding in shame.

    Good review, Paulie!

  2. I hope they explore how powerful Iceman really is. That’s something that hasn’t been explored too much so I hope it gets some attention. I thought this was a good first issue. The scenes with his parents were absolutely brutal to read and humanized Bobby. I’m not a huge fan of the art. I really hope they change his costume soon. I’m not a fan of this one. It’s a shame he can’t go back to his half-naked look. It’s a shame Kris Anka wasn’t available. He would’ve drawn a really sexy half-naked Bobby. I hope this series lasts longer than six issues.

    1. The problem with exploring how powerful Iceman is is that it makes stories so much harder to write for. Howe do you maintain a sense of danger when the hero is basically immortal and should be able to easily overpower all threats? it works for Storm since she can’t really let loose without screwing over the ecosystem but everyone else ends up getting their powers limited in order to make stpries work.

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