Wally’s Last Run on Titans & Wonder Woman Lies Conclusion – Comic Load 11/23/2016


Terry infiltrates the Jokerz gang and we learn the fate of the Joker in that universe over in Batman Beyond #2.
Two aliens show up to capture Lex Luthor over his future crimes in Action Comics #968.
Wonder Woman discovers that her memories are faked and that her current time on Paradise Island is not how she remembered it in the conclusion to Lies storyline in Wonder Woman #11.
Angela joins Thor and her band of heroes to prevent all out war in the realms with the Dark Elves in The Mighty Thor #13.
We have a new host for the symbiote in Venom #1.
The conclusion to the Han Solo mini series takes place with Han completing his secret mission for Princess Leia in Han Solo #5.
And Wally has his greatest, fastest run ever. He is trying to save the lives of all his teammates in Titans #5.

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1 thought on “Wally’s Last Run on Titans & Wonder Woman Lies Conclusion – Comic Load 11/23/2016

  1. I don’t think Wally is gone. Linda will probably remember their life together next issue and will pull him back. I love the mystery that’s going on in Wonder Woman. What really is happening and what role does Cale have in it? Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme had some great Wiccan moments (plus a secret is revealed). My favorite issue so far is Harley Quinn #8. It was a lot of fun as usual but also had some touching (and heart breaking) moments between Harley & Ivy. I love how their relationship is written in this comic.

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