What did you think of HBO’s new show – Looking? Here’s my thoughts

6 thoughts on “What did you think of HBO’s new show – Looking? Here’s my thoughts

  1. Three episodes in, with Russel Tovey and Scott Bakula introduced as characters I’m interested even more. 🙂

  2. It left me feeling empty and a little disappointed. The “lying about who I really am” storyline seems just plain lazy–this is the pilot episode for cryin’ out loud!

  3. I agree with most of your thoughts. I will continue to tune in for the rest of the season to see where they go before deciding whether to ditch it or not.

    Regarding diversity in the cast, Augustin, one of the three main characters, is Latino, not white. As for supporting characters, the guy who works with Patrick (J Groff) was Asian. It is about a particular group of friends, and not all groups of friends are ethnically diverse. To make it so simply to be politically correct would seem forced. No one criticized Noah’s Arc for having an all black main cast.

  4. I just watched it myself. I liked it but I feel like you do, like the pilot is just easing us into the series and I’ll have to watch more episodes to get more into it.

    As for Murray Bartlett’s character not being old enough, the Actor is 42, and personally I think that’s a better age that’s more in the “this is the first time someone told me I was to old for them”. I think if the guy was in his mid 50’s, he would either have had to not have sex for the last decade, or someone would have told him before then that he was to old for them. (not that I agree with agism)

    I think all the actors are pretty hot, while being yeah, more natural like you said rather then all being done up, they look more like real guys I know.

    Getting back a bit to that the pilot’s slower I think that lends itself to what the characters want. I’d say they’re all looking for a long term relationship, and that the shows going to be a bit more about feelings and a bit less about tons of random hookups, not that we won’t get some random hookups in there.

  5. Liked the production, hated everything else. Shallow characters, cliche scenes, and cringe inducing “Aren’t we clever?” dialog.

    Was shocked (Shocked!) that it was directed by the guy who did Weekend. Weekend is a great film. Wonder what the hell happened with this show.

    In an unrelated, possibly creepy note: Damn you look great in the cap, glasses, and stubble.

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