What do you think of Anole? He’s the reptilian gay New Mutant of the X-Men

I ask because I’ve done 4 new costumes this year, and these are just for myself. I also did a really quick make shift costume for a friend that’s going to be the Jim Lee version of Cyclops. All of those pics will air after this weekend. But I was thinking something more ambitious. Anole is definitely not the sexiest of mutants and he’s not really reptilian, but he kinda looks that way. He’s a tough character and when every a limb is cut off, it grows back stronger. Oh yeah, and he’s gay. But to be honest, I never really followed him. However, I was thinking, how badass would it be to costume as him? Not a lot of people would want to do his character because the prosthetic would be insane and I doubt maybe people could do it. I don’t even think I could do it this year, but it’s something that I really want to look further into. I think the tail is new, and I don’t know how that came about. I’ll have to do some research into this. But what do you guys think? This may be way out of my element, but it’s something I’m going to look into.

Anole 1

Anole 2

7 thoughts on “What do you think of Anole? He’s the reptilian gay New Mutant of the X-Men

  1. Did you ever come up with a costume, or part of one? What else did you find out about him?

  2. Ripped for your pleasure. He is an interesting character and I dig him in the comics. I’m not sure if he and Greymalkin. I would love to see you could do with him.

  3. I think you could pull it off with Foam I would probably attach it to under Armor I think they could help pull it off. I had an idea for doing a lava arm like that. Also, I think he is totally hot I would love to see more of him if you know what I mean. 😉

  4. Gay…? With who? Are there others of his species? Considering all the huge scaly protrusions sex would seem,…. dangerous at least.

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