Where is you Geeky Underwear for Halloween?

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Where is your geeky underwear at? I got a lot of submissions a couple months ago when I asked for your underwear pics and being that Halloween is right here, I’m sure a lot of you all have some kickass costumes/underwear to show off this coming weekend. I’ll get the ball started and show my Evil Paul underwear. Which is really just me after I took off my Nightwing costume with the black makeup still around my eyes. The uncover pic is available to my Patrons on my Patreon site.

Geeky Underwear 15Geeky Underwear 20

So send me your pics! I’m working on a submission link to my site so that everyone can just submit pics or vids to me for posting or just for my own personal amusement (I encourage that), but in the mean time, if you email me at gaycomicgeek@hotmail.com or message me at Facebook: Facebook.com/TheGayComicGeek, that will work too!

Geeky Underwear 32Geeky Underwear 33Geeky Underwear 31Geeky Underwear 30Geeky Underwear 28Geeky Underwear 27Geeky Underwear 19Geeky Underwear 21Geeky Underwear 22Geeky Underwear 23Geeky Underwear 24Geeky Underwear 25Geeky Underwear 26Geeky Underwear 18Geeky Underwear 17Geeky Underwear 16Geeky Underwear 14Geeky Underwear 13Geeky Underwear 12Geeky Underwear 11Geeky Underwear 4Geeky Underwear 5Geeky Underwear 6Geeky Underwear 7Geeky Underwear 8Geeky Underwear 9Geeky Underwear 10Geeky Underwear 3Geeky Underwear 2Geeky Underwear 1

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