Who is the closest Female Supehero equivalent to Wonder Woman in the Marvel Universe?

Wonder Woman and Marvel

We all the know the top three heroes in the DC universe are Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. DC may be behind is some regards to entertainment with their comic books and their cinematic universe, but one thing is very apparent. They have established that even the most non-comic book people in the world know who their top three characters are in any of their franchises. Marvel has a lot of notable male characters that have reached fame that rivals Superman and Batman. For instance, there are not many people that do not know who Spider-Man and the Hulk are in any form. With the Marvel cinematic universe, Captain America, Iron Man, and even lesser known characters like Ant Man are starting to receive their share of fame. But what about a Marvel female superhero?

cap mavel

Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, appears to be the closet thing that Marvel has to having their own super hero female character that could rival Wonder Woman. This goes not only in popularity, but also in power levels as well. Although Captain Marvel’s power levels fluctuate and technically she can be far more powerful than Wonder Woman given the right circumstances, but that will be a topic for another time. Marvel has also steadily increased Captain Marvel’s visibility in the last couple of years in the comic book world. There are those that speculate that this is because of the need for a powerful female character that has never taken the front lines in Marvel Comics. And that this would translate over well into the cinematic universe where a Captain Marvel movie is supposedly being made for a release in 2018. In theory.

wonder vs storm

When Marvel and DC comics had a massive crossover in the 90s, all the major characters were given counterparts to fight in opposing universes. Hulk vs. Superman, Captain America vs. Batman, Thor vs. Captain Marvel (Shazam) etc. Even Jubliee had to fight Robin, Tim Drake. Wonder Woman was paired against Storm. At the time, Storm may have been the most popular character in Marvel and readers were given the opportunity to vote for who they thought should win in the battles. Storm won the popular vote and defeated Wonder Woman. It was great! Very short battle, but a lot of the combat had to be contained in just a few comic book pages. Unfortunately since Storm is not part of the Marvel Cinematic universe and it is looking more and more likely that all mutants in general in the comic book universe will be downgraded and virtually forgotten, Storm is not going to be considered as one of the top female characters anymore. Storm is potentially one of the most powerful heroes and was even considered a Goddess, but because of Marvel’s new mutant policy where Inhumans are now the new mutant, she will not receive anywhere near as much publicity as she deserves. That’s another topic for another day.

She hulkmonica-rambeau

There are other Marvel heroines that have some popularity that do sometimes get the spotlight from Marvel. She-Hulk could be considered one of the top female characters of all time. Jennifer Walters has moved far from her cousin’s shadow and made herself in a character that is similar but distinctively different from the Hulk. Also She-Hulk has had her own title, several times, but she has never received as much of a push as Carol Danvers has in the past couple of years. This could because Captain Marvel’s movie is being made and it is Marvel’s attempt to make sure the audience is interested in Carol Danvers. Interesting note, Carol Danvers has not been confirmed as being the hero to take the role of Captain Marvel in the upcoming movie. It is very likely that she will be the main character, but she was not the first person to have that title in Marvel. In fact, she is not even the first female to hold the title of Captain Marvel. Monica Rambeau was the first woman to hold the title of Captain Marvel. Monica was the leader of the Avengers for a while and very powerful character. Monica was never used to her full potential. Ultimately was pushed to the side and given multiple different names which included Photon, Pulsar, and Spectrum. It was so unfortunate, because she was such an interesting hero.

Black Widow

What about Black Widow? Technically she is powerless and before Marvel put her into Iron Man 2, many fans relegated her character as a background Avenger who occasional took charge when Captain America was not around. However, after her appearances in Iron Man 2, Avengers, Captain America- The Winter Soldier, she has received enormous fan support to have her own movie given to her. But does that make her a top contender to being the equivalent to Wonder Woman? Popularity, possibly. Power-wise, absolutely not. That is not even a question.

Wonder Woman

There are so many Marvel Characters that could be brought up. Jean Grey, Invisible Woman, Spider-Woman. None are even close to being as popular as Wonder Woman. DC got it right back in 1941 when Wonder Woman was introduced, and created a character that is possibly one of the most famous superheroes of all time. Granted, her origin was laced with lots of bondage in each issue, but that is a topic for another day. So who do you think is the closest to Wonder Woman in the Marvel Universe? Is there an equivalent?

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3 thoughts on “Who is the closest Female Supehero equivalent to Wonder Woman in the Marvel Universe?

  1. I am not a huge comic book aficionado but this question got me thinking. The first women to pop into my head is Invisible Woman would be the most popular Marvel character. Then Jean Grey. But then I was thinking as far as power u can’t compare either one. I think you need to compare her to the Asgardians. Enchantress or Hel.

  2. Right now, I would definitely say that Jane Foster as Thor is the closest Marvel equivalent to Wonder Woman.

  3. I would say Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. The thing about DC vs Marvel on this subject matter is that DC had one major female icon, while Marvel has numerous, much smaller icons spread out. It all depends on how you look at the situation, as far as whether or not either is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

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