Why isn’t there a restaurant called Roosters?

This was posted as a joke on April Fool’s day, but come on! We gay men (and I guess women too) deserve something like this! I would totally go to a restaurant called Roosters with pride! Not only that, I’d bring every straight friend that I have to it instead of going to Hooters. Which used to be a regular thing for my buddies.

Roosters Resturant

9 thoughts on “Why isn’t there a restaurant called Roosters?

  1. There is a bar in Atlanta called BJ Roosters.
    It’s mainly for Go go boys. I havent been there in a while tho. heh

  2. There was a high school girl who objected to the boys in her shool wearing Hooters t shirts. The principal told her that it was a free speech issue and did nothing. She retaliated by printing up t shirts mocking the Hooters slogan “Cocks! – Less than mouthful'” and a picture of a rooster. They sold quickly to the girls in the school. The principal was appalled and banned all t shirts with writing.

    1. Oh my god, I’d want a ‘Cocks’ shirt and wear it around. That sounds cool. In fact I kinda want a Roosters tshirt now too

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