X-Men and Tales from the Dark Multiverse #1 & Flash Forward #2 – Comic Load 10/16/2019

The dawn of a new era of X-Comics starts with X-Men #1 by Jonathan Hickman. Following the Powers of X and House of X stories where Xavier and Magneto have united all mutants on the planet, we start to see more individualized stories stemming from this possible new universe. This issue spotlights the Summers clan and also focuses on the possible looming threat in the background. Also this week we have the ‘What If’ story of the Tales of the Dark Multiverse #1 with Batman never reclaiming the Bat-Mantle from Azrael aka Jean Paul Valley in this universe. Wally West also continues on his quest to redeem himself as a hero as the cosmic being, Tempest Fuganaut sends the speedster to alternate Earths to help prevent an unknown crisis from taking place. Check out my thoughts on this weeks comics in the attached video and let me know what you think!

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