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X-Men Blue #1, Action Comics #977, Titans #10, Birth of Kong #1 – Comic Load 4/12/2017

Comic Book Day!
X-Men Blue #1 – The original X-Men team that happens to be younger than the current X-Men team, strike out on their own. They have a unique mentor.
Justice League of America #4 – This is the end of the first storyline with the Extremists.
Titans #10 – The Titans vs. the Fearsome 5. Plus Bumblebee and Mal Duncan join the team.
Wonder Woman #20 – More Godwatch storyline. I’ll leave it at that.
Flash #20 – This was mostly filler, but it did serve a purpose at the very end for a villain to make his/her presence known.
Action Comics #977 – The background of Superman is being defined as the Pre-Flashpoint Superman and the New 52 Superman’s history is somewhat combined.
Skull Island: Birth of Kong #1 – The year is 2012 and a new expedition is being made to Skull island. Not what I was hoping, but I am thinking that issue 2 will be much better.

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2 thoughts on “X-Men Blue #1, Action Comics #977, Titans #10, Birth of Kong #1 – Comic Load 4/12/2017

  1. The only comic I read so far is Wonder Woman. I’m not sure if I like this look for Circe. I like her New 52 look that she’s currently rocking in Trinity. I wonder if they’re going to reconcile the 2 different looks sometime. I loved that we finally figured out how Cale got the dogs she has in the current WW storyline.

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