X-Men Red #1 and Infinity Countdown #1 & More – Comic Load 2/7/2018

It’s comic book day! Jean Grey starts her own X-Team in X-Men Red #1, while Kitty and her team get beaten down by Mesmero over in her comic, X-Men Gold #21. Venom takes on Spider-Woman in Venom #161, while Superman and Son head to space to save a planet in Superman #40. Batman and Wonder Woman are in another dimension fighting off horde armies in Batman #40 while Spider-Man (Miles Morales) is confronting his uncle in Spider-Man #273. In Walking Dead #176, Michonne is reunited with one of her loved ones. Finally in Infinity Countdown #1 – Adam Warlock confronts Kang the Conqueror and goes on a time spanning adventure.

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