Young Justice Season 3 is Being Made! FUCK YEAH!!!


Just announced that DC Animation will be making a season 3 of Young Justice. This is so fucking awesome!!! I loved this series and it was arguably one of the most well scripted shows with an actual lay out of episodes that entailed a story that reached over two seasons. The show was cancelled over low toy sales, which the toys were not very well done or marketed right at all.


Producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman will be returning for the upcoming season. No details as to when and where the series will premiere. It may even be a Netflix series. Netflix has both seasons up and writer Peter David encouraged fans to watch the series to show WB the support that it’s loyal fanbase posed. I personally had the series on in the background many times just myself.

The series ended with a possible Darkseid – Apocalypse Invasion taking place. The series strongly suggested that this could be happening, but no confirmation on whether or not the series will continue down this path or not. The series was incredible and focused not on the main core of DC Universe superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, but instead on their proteges. This included Robin, Aqualad, Superboy, Miss Martian, Kid Flash, and Artemis. The second season had a 5 year jump and introduced many other teenage heroes to the fold as well that includes Static, Blue Beetle, Impulse and others. This is huge! I am so excited!


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4 thoughts on “Young Justice Season 3 is Being Made! FUCK YEAH!!!

  1. It’s so silly that the TV show was tied to toy sales. I agree that those toys were not the best. This is really cool news. I hope it ends up on Netflix.

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