Masters of the Universe Nostalgia – Merchandising Products, There Were Lots!


No surprise, I’m a huge Masters of the Universe fan. Like really huge. I do not claim to know everything on this subject and never will. But one thing I know is that they had so many products in the 80s. It is understandable as this was a franchise geared towards kids, and kids wanted their favorite characters labeled on every day life products. The revival of Masters of the Universe in the early 2000’s did not have any where near as many products made. Which is a shame. I loved that series and it had so much potential.

The current products created by MattyCollector and soon to be Super7 are mostly aimed at the adult collector (like myself) and still touch on the nostalgia aspect for the grown up kid. There’s even a new book being released in 2017 that collects all the old newspaper strips. I have only read a handful of those. So that is going to be excited to read those.


Anyways, here’s a collection of some pics that I’ve collected. Some are awesome and very cool. Others are just…ehh…but still nostalgia filled. Do you have any old He-Man pics? I know there’s tons of other pics out there as well that I didn’t post and I am curious if anyone out there has any pics.


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2 thoughts on “Masters of the Universe Nostalgia – Merchandising Products, There Were Lots!

  1. I had the Snake Mountain play set, a Rattlor figure, and there was this comic that I think came with the figure. it was about Skeletor freeing the Snake Men and King Hsss from their prison inside Snake Mountain.

  2. I’m a child of the 80s so my brother and I had quite a few of the figures. We also had that Horde Slime pictured above. We sadly didn’t keep any of the figures (I don’t want to get into it).

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