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Comic book and cartoon fans everywhere may be able to get their hopes for a possible renewal of the Young Justice cartoon series. The first two seasons of this epic cartoon has been put on Netflix and according to Khary Payton who was the voice of Aqualad and Cyborg and who currently works for ComicBookResources has stated that:

Netflix is currently looking at the numbers for Young Justice, and if they like what they see…WE WILL GET A 3RD SEASON OF THE SHOW!

Kid Flash

The Young Justice cartoon was loosely based on the original Young Justice comic book. The series lasted for two seasons and was never renewed for a third season, despite its high ratings. It is beyond a doubt, a very well written show that surpasses many other notable superhero shows. It had a storyline that not only spans an entire season, but also foreshadows future storylines that were intended to be made in the next season. The characterization was out of the ordinary as it did not solely focus on just one character. There as also the introduction of other DC superhero characters that are generally ignored in all other animations. Many fans have gotten their hopes up at possible future installments as this as it is not the first time that a 3rd Season has been teased. But this time there may be actual groundwork that is made.

Bat Team

Not to mention that we actually get a good version of several Batfamily members, such as Tim Drake. His character, like many, was never explored in the series. The series ended on a huge cliff hanger that teased an incredible arc that could have found all of the DC Animated Universe going into a very dark era.

Robin Laugh

So if you have Netflix, watch Young Justice! I think you would really like and if you are already a fan, you could re-watch it again. I have Netflix and that is exactly what I am doing for the next week. Even if it is just in the background.

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