So, thinking of doing a new costume…which version would you like to see?

Robin Pixie

So I’m thinking of going ahead and doing the ORIGINAL Robin costume. This is the ‘Pixie’ version of Robin that so many people recognize. My buddy Brizy Comics aka Brian Douglas Adhern, who happens to be a badass artist, took it up himself to draw me as the original Robin. What do you think? I just need my friend Leman Yuen to help out on the scaley undies and yellow cape and I could probably do most of this myself. Now where can I get Elf shoes like that?

Robin Pixie too tight

Of course my buddy Ryan sent me this 2nd pic that Patrick Fillion drew and said that I should get this version of the Robin suit made. He said it’s more…me. Haha, what do you guys think of that one? I personally like the second costume look a little better.