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BriGAYde #2 – Gay Comic Book Review From Class Comics (SPOILERS)

The second issue from Class Comics superhero team has come out. This is a great issue that has lots of heroics, but also dark circumstances. This is a spoiler filled issue, so be warned.
Written by Patrick Fillion

Art by David Cantero

This comic b...

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The Legacy #1 – Naked Justice & Space Cadet – Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

Naked Justice and Space Cadet team up in this new

Jacko’s Horny Halloween Tales #1 – Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review


It’s Halloween and Class Comics has a new Comic Book ready for all gay comic book fans out there...

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Have you all kissed your Gingers?

I may have put some extra pics of Blu Kennedy. I just really like him.

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Andrew Patrick Kelly – The FATE OF PHILADELPHIA Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight

Can we just appreciate how awesome and how incredibly sexy my friend Andrew is with his cosplay? I only met him about 3 years ago, but in that time, he’s done such badass costumes. Plus it helps that’s super sexy too...

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Patrick Fillion’s Wildcat

I love Patrick Fillion and his artwork is so fucking awesome! He just recently did a piece of the character Wildcat. Besides owning, he also has his personal site: Check his work out...

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I don’t do this enough, but I should post more pics of artist’s work. Here’s some of Patrick Fillion’s stuff. Damn he’s fucking aweosme!

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Just because I love Neil Patrick Harris and I can’t wait for How I Met You Mother’s last season

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I love Neil Patrick Harris

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