Back from Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con!

Going thru some PCD – Post Con Depression, especially since I’m heading to work in 10 mins. But I wanted to post up some of the pics that were taken this past weekend. I showed off 3 new costumes – Vegata from Dragon Ball Z, Arsenal aka Red Arrow from DC Comics Titans and X-Man aka Nate Grey from the 90’s X-Men era. It was a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Back from Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con!

  1. The new Nate Grey costume looks fantastic, Staffelcock! I especially like the way the parallel gold bars just below the waist bow when stretched over your package. Now that you’re home can we get a portrait shot of you in the Nate Grey blue? My bad, but I’m not familiar with the character associated with the black and red costume. It’s equally as fantastic! The red tunic fits your pecs and abs really well. A portrait shot of that would be great too. By the by, a person has to be in great shape to work both of these outfits. Your physique ROCKS in both of them. Could only be the results of a lot of pumped gym sweat. Great job!

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