I loved Tim Drake taking up the mantle of being Batman Beyond, but I’m also glad that Terry McGcginnis has returned. Terry’s supporting cast is all present, including Max, Dana and of course his little brother, Matt. His little brother didn’t like Tim in his big brother’s role as being Batman, but he eventually accepted him. Great new beginning for this time and awesome jumping on point for new fans.

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1 thought on “Batman Beyond Rebirth #1 – Comic Book Review (Minor Spoilers)

  1. I watched some episodes of Batman Beyond and liked them. The Return of the Joker movie (both censored & uncensored) were incredible. I read a rumor that if the series continued they would have introduced Helena Wayne/Huntress to the Beyond universe. I didn’t follow any of the comic series but I liked this issue. I think I’ll keep reading and see where it goes. I really hope they don’t bring “you-know-who” back.

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