Beautiful Dead 2 Class Comics Gay Zombie Comic Book Review (2).Movie_Snapshot

Oh yeah, the gay Zombie Apocalypse comic book is out! This is issue number 2 of the Class Comics title that follows two gay men and their adventures of surviving a zombie outbreak. Written by Patrick Fraiser and drawn by Butch McLogic.

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1 thought on “Beautiful Dead #2 – Class Comics Gay Zombie Comic Book Review

  1. I bought the Jacob Mott variant so I got to see how he would draw Gage, Hayden & Duncan. I thought Gage was a total bad-ass in this, which I wasn’t expecting. The part where Gage & Hayden were fucking and all the zombies were below eating Gage’s cum was probably my favorite part. I’m really surprised Hayden survived. I wonder if they’ll explain it next issue.

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