Blair Witch- Saw It, Not the Best, Not Horrible Either (SPOILERS)


I saw the Blair Witch movie last night. Definitely much more of a fast paced movie than it’s predecessor and the sequel that no one speaks about. I enjoyed it a lot even though it relied on the jump scare way too much. Unfortunately it was loads more confusing. Hardcore fans think it makes perfect sense, while passing fans like myself have no idea how the ending came about. SPOILERS below.


I like the idea that this movie ties directly to the first movie and follows James, the little brother to the original movie’s character Heather. Him being passionate with finding out what happened to his sister is his motivating force that beckons him to enter the same cursed woods. It does feel real in the sense that he at least wants closure. It does seem off that he would think that his sister would be roaming the woods lost for 20 years, but it is a movie and weirder things have happened in reality. The ability to think rationally is not present later since the movie would never happen if that was the case. At least modern technology is utilized at first in this movie. But technology also promptly fails as predictably as it does in all horror movies.


The confusing factor had a lot to do with the use of timey whimey sequences. Two, Lane and Talia, are separated and rejoin the group and they claim that they’ve been gone for 5 days while seemingly only one day has passed for the main group. Later Lane appears in the house that appears in the middle of the forest and even more time has passed for him as he is bearded now and looks as though he’s been the woods for months or more.


It was definitely great to get some glimpses of the Blair Witch for a change in this movie. I loved that we get an idea of her presence while still keeping the illusion of her ominous evilness a mystery. The images above are not what the Blair Witch looks like.


What was up with Ashley’s cut? What was pulled out of the cut on her leg? Was it a twig or a bug? Was the noise that they kept hearing the forest moving? What was the bright lights being shown outside the house? I thought it was an alien thing at first, but maybe that was the sci fi nerd in me. Did anyone else thing that James was an idiot for seeing ghosts or time disjointed apparitions appearing and then disappearing and thinking that they were there and continued chasing after them? Why did Lane through Lisa into a pit with a tunnel cut out in it for her to escape and go directly back into the house?


I did not like that the movie ended exactly as the first movie ended with no closure to anything. Some people enjoyed that aspect, but I did not want a repeat of the first movie’s ending. I do not mind everyone dying or having their souls collected, or whatever, but I wanted different surprise ending instead. Many movies thrive on confusing audiences to have different interpretations, but sometimes I want actual explanations given to me.

Overall I do like this movie, it was enjoyable. The witch is scarier and more evil than ever. The story was fast, but not forced. It had a steady pace and I definitely feel the scare with the characters. The time loops are confusing and I can see how many people may not be happy with that aspect, but it is not something to keep this from being seen by all. The jump scares are also annoying, but it is fun to watch others freak out over something minor. I do not know id another movie can be made with this premise, but with enough money, it will be done. What did you think of it?