Alan Ritchson – Shazam? That’s What He is Tweeting


I don’t know if I buy it or not, but actor Alan Ritchson tweeted that he will be playing Shazam, DC’s Captain Marvel opposite of the Rock, Dwayne Johnson (Black Adam) in the upcoming DC Movie. Is this true? His tweet was the following:

This would be interesting. Alan isn’t the best actor, but he is pretty to look at. He has played Aquaman on the Smallville TV show among many roles that he has done. I have found no confirmation online anywhere that his claim is true, so I am not quite so sure if this is accurate or not. This could be good or bad depending on how you look at it.


He also played a gay character briefly on the new 90210 show. Which I never saw, but I did see this scene take place below.


5 thoughts on “Alan Ritchson – Shazam? That’s What He is Tweeting

  1. I remember this guy from Smallville and I thought he was a good actor. Althought to get on Smallville you HAD to be a good actor. But he was and he was a good Aquaman. However, from those pics up there, he does not fit Shazam’s profile. Alan is pulling off the toned, young, 20 something jock. But Captain Marvel is 35-40 yo and heavily muscled. Like “The Rock” muscled. He would make a good CM or Black Adam. Alan would play a very good Bill (y) Batson.

  2. I don’t think he’s being serious, but if he is I would hazard to guess it’s likely for one of the shows filmed here in Vancouver (Supergirl, Arrow, Legends, Flash) it doesn’t make sense for WB to not use a bigger name/draw for their film franchise but you never know.

  3. I dunno. He IS pretty to look at. Then again, the real character in the Shazam stories is (to me) Billy Batson, so it would really come down to which actor plays him.

    By the way, when did this guy pose for a jock strap?

  4. I think this could be great if it’s true. Alan Ritchson can pull of the “kid trapped in a man’s body” that Shazam is about. I think he could pull it off as well or better than a well known actor. Plus him and the Rock fighting would be like watching for me.

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