Dan Payne Cast as Younger Version of Gay Villain/Superhero – Obsidian -in Legends of Tomorrow

charlie david gay kiss mulligans

charlie david gay kiss mulligans

Early this summer CW reported that 76 year old Lance Hendrickson was going to play gay villain turned superhero Obsidian in the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow TV show. Many people, including myself thought that this was a cop out for the show to have someone in their 70’s portray a character who would more than likely not have their sexuality shown at all. This is the safe way to not harm any heterosexual’s egos on having a gay character being shown on a show. However, it has been announced that there will be more than one version of the character. The younger version of Obsidian will be played by Dan Payne.

Being that the show deals with lots of timey whimey topics, it does make sense that there would be more than one version of the character being being shown. This is a huge relief. Lance is a great actor but having him as a non-sexual character when all of the other characters get to be flirtatious and sexual feels like a huge let down. The show is not even remotely about sex, but just allowing all equal share in sexuality being shown for all orientations present is what I personally hope to see myself.


Dan Payne was in a blink and you’d miss him role as Dollar Bill in the Watchmen and as a closeted gay man in the movie Mulligans with Charlie David. So he has had experience playing a superhero and a gay man. Good for him! Also, I do think he’s pretty darn hot. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Dan Payne Cast as Younger Version of Gay Villain/Superhero – Obsidian -in Legends of Tomorrow

  1. I don’t necessarily mind at all having an elder gay man playing the role of a retired superhero. However, I agree about the whole ‘silent sexuality’ issue. Since the show is going to revolve around a lot of timey-wimey issues anyway, it would make sense to have more than one actor playing the same role, just in different time periods.

    And yes, he’s very hot. Damn, those jeans on him!

  2. I think he is sexy as fuck. I’m so glad they decided to cast a second actor as Obsidian. I hope we get to see a few actual scenes with Dan Payne and not just cameo flashbacks.

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