Catwoman vs Talia, War Thor vs Mangog, Mojo vs X-Men Blue – Comic Load 11/15/2017

It’s comic book day!
The X-Men Blue team take on Mojo in X-Men Blue #15.
War Thor aka Volstagg takes on Mangog in the Mighty Thor #701
Damian and Jonathan get a new base together in SuperSons #10
Darth Vader starts to track down a new Jedi in Darth Vader #8
Catwoman vs. Talia Al Ghul in Batman #35
Dick Grayson teams with Blockbuster to help take down Raptor in Nightwing #33
Amadeus Cho is on Sakaar in a new Planet Hulk story in Incredible Hulk #710
Lex, Superman, Lois and Jonathan are on Apokolips in Superman #35

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