Chris Pratt – I Stalk…Follow Him Online Everywhere!

Chris Pratt

Someone needs to change that hat logo in the above pic to a “TitanMen” logo. Just saying. I have a lot of celebrity crushes, and one of those is Chris Pratt. I’ve loved him for years and more so since becoming a Marvel Superhero. He’s hilarious and total cutie. It helps that he’s a bit flirtatious with both genders too. He know’s he’s got a gay following and he embraces it. He’s married to the equally talented Anna Faris. Here’s some great Pratt gifs, because why not? He’s so pretty…

4 thoughts on “Chris Pratt – I Stalk…Follow Him Online Everywhere!

  1. You’re not a stalker until the first restraining order! (Smile & Wink) Until then some – most – all is fair!

  2. I want him to be dumb, but sadly he is not. His dance in the opening scene of Guardians stole my heart and my groin. 🙂 SInce I 1st saw him in Parks & Recreation I hoped he’d get the kind of career he is having now.

  3. Oh man that Underwear bulge on Chris Pratt…. Oh man Anna Faris is one lucky Woman.

    I have a Crush on him as well

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