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Civil War II Conclusion and Where Is Tim Drake aka Red Robin – Comic Load 12/28/2016

It’s comic book day! So many great comics came out today. I could not get to all of them, but here’s what I did get to read.
Star Wars #26 – A back story with Yoda is always awesome!
Civil War II #8 – The Conclusion to this Marvel epic title is finally finished.
Hulk #1 – Jennifer Walters is taking the title of the Hulk after the death of her cousin Bruce Banner in the Civil War II story.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp #11 – Hal is finally going to meet up with the rest of the Green Lantern Corp after Larfleeze has captured all of them.
Spider-Man #11 – Miles Morales dad is an agent of SHIELD and is probably going to go back into action.
Wonder Woman #13 – Diana is not taking her backstory being fake very well. She has gone into a crazy state that will affect her next storyline.
Batman Beyond #3 – Terry is under cover as a Joker Gang member, but we discover something very huge in the conclusion of this issue.
Detective Comics #947 – We get a glimpse of what happened to Tim Drake. Not much, but I’ll take it! We need a return of this character back to the DC Universe.

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2 thoughts on “Civil War II Conclusion and Where Is Tim Drake aka Red Robin – Comic Load 12/28/2016

  1. I am thrilled that Civil War II is finally done. That was a horrible mini-series. If that was supposed to be the “new, better” ending I hate to see how it was originally going to end. Hulk #1 was a whole lot of “meh”. I’m not thrilled that they’re turning Jen into an angsty PTSD character while Amadeus Cho gets to be the happy-go-lucky Hulk. I’m glad we saw a glimpse of Tim in Detective Comics but it’s another comic I’m not happy with. What was the point of having Tim & Stephanie in the book when they’re both written out in the first two story arcs? Adding Batwing & Azrael to the series won’t make it better. I’m seriously thinking of dropping it altogether.

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