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Over at Men at Play, there is a new scene that is called Cocksure. Not to be confused with the Cocksure series, this is based on a white collar boss getting his come comeuppance by a blue collar worker. Who has not wanted to do something like this to their boss? Well maybe if you’re boss is hot.

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This scene stars: Mike De Marko

Mike De Marko

Enzo Rimenez


3 thoughts on “Cocksure – UNCUT Scene Review from Men at Play

  1. I LOVE that this took place outdoors!

    Never had sex with my boss. Most of my supervisors/bosses weren’t people I found sexually attracted to at all (with one exception!)

    Great video!

  2. I had sex with my boss but after I had moved on from the office. I didn’t really fantasize about him when I was working for him but he was certainly fucking hot. He was supposedly straight. It was weird that later on I went to his wedding with his girlfriend.

  3. This looks like a really hot scene. I’ll have to check it out. Side note – a few years ago I was kinda propositioned by my closet case boss. I quickly changed the subject. He was cute but I knew that the aftermath would not have been pretty.

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