Contest Story Submission – GCG Splack – Up by Darkstar72

GCG Splack-Up

By Darkstar72

“Dammit” mutters Paul, the Gay Comic Geek as he leaps toward the cries of help. “I paid a lot of money to go to that comic convention”, he thinks. “If I don’t get in, I’ll be pissed.” He lands in an alley with a ‘thud’ and looks around. The screaming is getting louder. As Paul speeds toward the noise, two men slam into him and they all hit the ground. The two men look at Paul, freaked out. “You gotta help us, dude” they scream. “We weren’t gonna hurt them”. Suddenly, a silver glow surrounds the two men and they float above Paul and away from the alley. Paul looks at the floating men and thinks, “what the fuck just happened?”

“Those assholes were trying to bash a gay couple” says a voice behind him. “They were getting away when they slammed into you. I’m sending them to the nearest police station.” Paul spins around and sees a stranger smiling back at him. “You’re the Gay Comic Geek, right?” says the stranger. “I’m Moonboy and I’ve heard a lot about you.” Paul looks at him and smiles. He’s heard about Moonboy, too. He’s a demi-god son of a moon goddess or something like that. “Damn, he’s hot” Paul thinks to himself as he looks Moonboy up and down. He’s about 6-feet tall with hair as dark as shadows and silver-blue eyes. Moonboy’s tanned, muscular body is on display through his tight, silver costume (what little there is of it). Paul can’t help but notice the huge bulge straining in Moonboys’ trunks. “Fuck,” Paul thinks, “his cock must be a big as mine”.

“You’re sexier than I thought,” smirks Moonboy. “Are you here for the con?” “Yeah, I should head back, since everything’s taken care of.” As Paul starts to walk away, Moonboy grabs his arm. “Well, since you’re here, we can have a team-up.” Moonboy starts rubbing his bulge. “Fighting crime makes me horny. Plus, I’ve heard about how your adventures usually end.”

Paul blushes. “I guess word gets around”. “Fuck yeah it does” laughs Moonboy. He flicks his wrist and Paul’s tattoos start to glow. He suddenly finds himself lifted off the ground. He struggles but can’t do anything but float helplessly. Paul suddenly remembers what he’s heard about Moonboy and his idea of a ‘team-up.’ “What the fuck’s going on?” “Relax stud,” says Moonboy “I can control gravity and I’m taking a little bit away from you.” He walks up to the floating Paul and grabs his costume. “Rumor has it you have a huge cock. I’m want to see for myself”. He rips Paul’s costume off, revealing his naked, muscular body. “Shit, that’s another costume torn to shreds. Why does that always happen?” Paul thinks. “Wow, nice cock” says a smirking Moonboy. Before Paul can say anything, Moonboy swallows his cock all the way to the base. His hands start roaming across Paul’s hard abs and up to his nipples. He tweaks Paul’s nipples hard and Paul moans. He licks the head of Paul’s throbbing cock and deep throats him again, licking the balls. He runs his tongue back & forth along the shaft of Paul’s cock, looks up at Paul, and swallows his cock again. Paul’s moaning gets louder the longer Moonboy blows him, pulling on his nipples the whole time. “Fuck, I’m gonna jizz” Paul screams. He then shoots spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum down Moonboy’s throat. He swallows it all, sucking Paul dry. “Nice load, stud”. Paul looks at him and says “OK, I guess the team-up’s over. Can you let me down?” “Oh no”, Moonboy smirks, “I’m just getting started.”

He draws a little circle with his finger and Paul is suddenly flipped over and lands on the ground. He’s on all fours, with his ass in the air. Paul tries to get up but his body feels so heavy. “I can’t move” says Paul. “I can also increase gravity” smiles Moonboy, “so you’re not going anywhere. I have to taste that hot ass of yours”. Paul starts struggling, trying to do anything to get up. Once again, he’s helpless. Moonboy starts running his tongue along Paul’s quivering hole. He circles it with his tongue again and again. He

then darts his tongue into Paul’s hole. “Oh, fuck” squeals Paul as Moonboy tongue-fucks him. Moonboy then stops, strips off his trunks, and begins rubbing his hard cock up and down Paul’s ass. “I’ve heard you like to get fucked hard” Moonboy says. “I think it’s called getting splacked. Well, let’s see if it’s true.” He then slams his rigid cock deep into Paul’s ass. Paul yelps in pain. “You’re bigger than I thought. I don’t know if I can take it” Paul gasps. “Yeah, right” says a smiling Moonboy. “That’s not what I heard. Shut up and enjoy it.” He slams into Paul’s ass again and again, hitting Paul’s prostate with each thrust. Paul yelps soon turn into moans. His cock is hard as steel and rubs against the cold ground with each thrust. “Shit, he’s right. I’m getting splacked and enjoying this”. “I hope you’re ready” gasps Moonboy, “cuz here I CUUMMMMM”. He shoot his spunk right in Paul’s hole. Paul yells and shoots his own load on the ground. Moonboy pulls his dripping cock out of Paul’s ass, bends down and starts licking his cum off of Paul’s ass.

He then stands up, draws another circle, flipping Paul on his back. Moonboy kneels down, smiles and shoves his cock down Paul’s throat. Paul swallows Moonboy’s cock, cleaning it off. Soon, Paul is rock-hard again. Moonboy pulls his cock out of Paul’s mouth and looks at the raging hard-on. He smiles mischievously and says “looks like it’s my turn to get splacked”. He levitates himself off the ground, fingering his hole as he hovers over Paul. He then lowers himself on Paul’s throbbing cock. “Oooohhhhh Fffffuuuuucccckkkk!” says a moaning Moonboy. “You’re so fucking big. I’m gonna enjoy riding this monster.” He then starts bouncing up and down on Paul’s cock. Paul looks at the stud riding him and thinks “OK, I’ve had enough.” Paul uses all of his strength to reach over and grabs Moonboy’s throbbing cock. Moonboy stops and looks at Paul in shock. “You said this was a team-up” says Paul. He starts stroking Moonboy’s cock while Moonboy keeps rides him again. Paul starts to moan louder and louder and Moonboy starts bouncing faster and faster. Paul looks at Moonboy and says “you better get ready for my jizz”. “Give me all you got” moans Moonboy. Paul yells again as he cums for the third time, filling Moonboy up with jizz. Moonboy then shoots his own cum all over Paul’s stomach, chest, and face.

Moonboy climbs off of Paul, his legs shaking. “Fuck that was hot. Let me clean you up.” He waves a finger and the jizz covering Paul’s body floats up into the air towards the atmosphere. He flicks his wrist again and Paul’s tattoos stop glowing. Paul feels that his personal gravity is back to normal. Moonboy holds out his hand and help Paul to his feet. “I don’t think you can get in the con now. Sorry about that.” Paul thinks over what just happened. “Are you kidding? Screw the con. That team-up was fucking awesome” smiled Paul.