Contest Story Submission – Phase Two – The Archer

By Devon Chenoweth

Phase Two: The Archer

‘Phase Two?’ I thought. ‘That spider guy nearly sucked by balls out…how can I withstand another round without a break?’ The guys looked back at me and notice my legs were weak. “Here Tiger, I got ya.” He picked me up like a damsel in distress (which, by the way, super hot) and carried me over to a table, placed me down, and kissed me. “Ready?” he said. I nodded. And he flicked his wrists, which was where his webs seemed to come out of. They bound my hands to the table. He moved and I heard a light thud. I looked in front of me and saw an arrow headed right towards me! It seemed to split, revealing a twirling chord which landed and wrapped right around my abs. The figured that shot it appeared.

He was definitely in an archer get up, though the black leather with slight purple highlights was definitely a bonus on my boner meter….which started to wake up again. The Archer walked up to me, dropping his bow and grabbed my legs. He pushed so that, while spread apart, also raised my knees up. He reached for an arrow and carefully used the tip to cut away my clothing til they just slid off me. With my ass exposed he went right in there with his tongue. GOD that felt great. His tongue just scoping out my hole, while his chin hair (five o clock shadow size) seemed to just tickle the area around my hole forcing me to twist in pleasure…though that is hard to do when you’re bound. I kept moaning “Deeper…oh please…deeper…” He slowly backed away, licked and sucked on by balls, then reached towards a pouch on his belt. He took out a small, round device and a tube of lube. He drenched his fingers and slowly penetrated my hole, with little jerking motions. He felt inside me right up to my prostate. “Ah, there we are.” he smirked and I could feel a slight tug on it as the small device he had just clenched on.

The Spider guy appeared right behind the archer. “Well? Let ‘er rip!” The Archer slowly backed away, pulled out what looked like a remote and smiled. “Have fun, kid.” and he pushed a button. The device started vibrating HARD! Holy crap I never felt this before. The pulsing motion it was doing inside me was sending my dick in frenzy. It was jerking and quickly expanding in pleasure. Growing bigger…getting harder….my cock’s head seemed to swell like a balloon and I could feel deep down that my prostate was ready to explode. The pre cum just shot out as I yelled in sweet agony, while the two others started stroking their cocks, watching me writhe in fantastic ecstasy. My dick just wouldn’t stop pushing out my pre cum, it kept throbbing and pulsating! The Archer then pulled out his arrow and flipped it around, showing the fletching and came right up to me, a blubbering, moaning mess. He slightly place the fletching side right up against my cock, so it sat right between two of them and slowly just glided across my shaft. “Let loose, kid.” He grabbed his dick and shoved it right in me. “Lemme feel you.” and slowly moved back and forth. My body seemed to have my orgasms shoot everywhere. All my muscles ached in pleasure, begging to both stop and continue. I let loose another big load which clenched on the Archer’s dick. I could hear him grunt as his dick shot inside, intensifying my orgasm.

He slowly backed out, my hole dripping with his cum. He met with his buddy, exhaled and smirked. “Alright, Doc, I think his hole is ready for you.”

To Be Concluded in

Phase 3: The Monster