Darkwing Duck Comics Are Coming (Phrasing, Boom!) To Comic Store Soon!


Yes, Darkwing Duck, the terror that flaps in the night, is returning back to comic book world. Bleeding Cool News reported that Darkwing Duck will be returning to the comic book world in April. How great is that?!


As a kid, I would rush home to watch the Disney Afternoon and enjoy the hijinks of a would be vigilante superhero known as Drake Mallard aka Duckwing Duck. Him and his sidekick, Launchpad McQuack and his adopted daughter Goslyn would attempt to foil the villainous activities of the seedy underworld in the city of St. Canard. Usually it was very humorous as to how he would do this, but it was a kids show. It was not until later that I imagined him being much more of a badass like maybe Batman?


This is not his first comic book series. He had a small mini-series from both Disney Comics and an on-going series from Boom! Studios that ran for 18 issues. The series had much stronger ties with it’s source title, Ducktales. Several characters crossed over and there were many other crossovers between other titles. Even if some were just cameos.


Regardless, the new series is set to start printing in April of 2016. The writer will be Aaron Sparrow and the artist is going to be James Silvani. I am excited. Let’s Get Dangerous!


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