Wonder Woman Movie – First Look!


Interesting first look at the upcoming Wonder Woman solo movie coming out. We have DC writer Geoff Johns explaining to Kevin Smith some basics regarding the original Warrior Princess. It is very true that the average person can give the origins to both Superman and Batman as their stories have been told several times through media history. But when you look at Wonder Woman, who is the most famous of all female comic book superheroes ever, and many people are unaware of her backstory. There was a rumor that Warner Bros at DC studios was going to make Wonder Woman and the Amazons were going to be offshoots of Kyptonians and take away any mythological aspect that was created specifically for the warrior race. I am so relieved that this will not be the case. Check out the first look below.

The Wonder Woman movie stars Gal Gadot as Princess Diana aka Wonder Woman and Chris Pines as Steve Trevor. The movie is set to premiere in Summer 2017.

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  1. I can’t wait for this to come out. I have been waiting for most of my life for a Wonder Woman movie. What little is shown looks good.

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