Deep Dark Fears – You All Probably Have Thought of At Least One of These

This is True

When I was a little kid in Alabama, I went ice skating for the first time and I did see a person fall down and have someone ride over his fingers. He wore gloves and it did not cut anything. He was just sore. But I always thought…what if he didn’t have gloves on? It probably would not have cut through his fingers, but still. I have not gone ice skating since then.

This is also true

I will never have a mirror that faces me while I sleep for this exact reason. I’m also afraid of seeing something in the mirror that is behind me that is not really there. At night, the mirror seems to be so much more dark and sinister.

I will agree with this too

This seems odd, but this is also true with me. Haha, I cannot believe someone actually drew out my fear on this one. I thought I was the only one.

I never thought of this but I have thought I may bite my tongue off

I have never thought about me biting my tongue off and not being able to call for help. I have however thought that if I dive off of a diving board and I did not have my mouth shut, that the impact from hitting the water would clamp my jaw down tight enough to bite through my tongue.

Oh god I was not afraid of this before but I am now

I have never been afraid of this before, but now I’m thinking about. Good god that sucks!

Hahahaha oh god

Ok you gotta admit, that’s just funny. It’s legit, but still funny. I’ve had many ‘go to school/work naked’ dreams. Many of them. Never had the bathroom dream, unless you count having sex in a bathroom dream. but I hear many people do have this happen to their own dreams.

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  1. I agree about the mirrors. Took me a LONG time to get used to having a mirror that I can’t move nearby at night. Also, when I was ten, I couldn’t go to sleep unless I was facing the wall, because I was terrified I was going to find staring at me the bad alien from the movie Dark Angel (known in the USA as “I Come In Peace”).

    Also, I’ve had the pooping Dream, but for peeing instead. Usually when my bladder is chockers and I don’t want to get up to go pee yet…. So far no dribbles, but I fear for the day.

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