DragonCon Video is coming soon!

I’m compiling some vids from several of my friends but everyone used different formats to record and I’m having an issue of having decent quality videos being converted to one type of file. But the video will be out very soon!

In the meantime, here’s a cool Black Symbiote Spider-Man pic of me that I like that was taken on the last day of DragonCon

Symbiote Spider-Man GayComicGeek Costume Cosplay

2 thoughts on “DragonCon Video is coming soon!

  1. I’ve heard a number of professional costume designers say that you have to get what’s underneath the outfit correct or the costume won’t look right. With Spiderman’s tight, form fitting gear that would be the physique. Your lean, muscular build is perfect, Staffelcock!

  2. i think Spidey should’ve kept wearing the black costume (not the symbiote), and not because of OMD. Great pic, and I look forward to the vids. Having some problems with video editing myself currently, so I get what you mean.

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