Flamingo – New Character being introduced on Fox’s TV show – Played by Looking’s – Raul Castillo

Raul Castillo Flamingo
Yes, there is another psychotic villain in the DC Universe that many do not know exists and this one is called Flamingo who first appeared in Batman #666. This character has been considered to be gay by some comic book readers, but has never been confirmed or denied. This is simply based on his appearance and mannerisms. His full name is Eduardo Flamingo. In actuality, he is extremely dangerous and has mental breakdowns in the few appearances he has made in Gotham. His sexuality is the least about this character that anyone should be thinking about. He’s eaten the faces off of women according to the Batman and Robin comic that was written by Grant Morrison. And now according to Variety.com, his character will be brought to the Gotham TV show this season and played by Looking star, Raul Castillo.

Raul Castillo is a straight man, but he’s gained more fame in gay media from playing in the role of Ricardo “Richie” Donado Ventura in the ill-fated HBO show Looking. Playing a crazed hitman takes a lot of talent to pull off and I think that Castillo will be able to pull this off. He will have to give this his own take as Flamingo has never been portrayed on screen up to this point. So he can work from the ground up and make the character all his own. It should be interesting.

Gotham’s ratings have remained decent and this season it appears to be picking up steam. There will be the introduction of a lot of new characters and storylines for the young Jim Gordon to handle without the aid of any vigilantes. Raul’s depiction of Flamingo will take place on episode 9, season 2 later this year.