Have you seen the new completely HETEROSEXUAL Hercules from Marvel Comics?

Straight Hercules

Marvel is just trying to make Hercules look like badass-sexy daddy-eye candy-scruffy-super hottie- LITERAL Greek God that gives all gay geeks huge boners. Check out the newest variant cover of Hercules #1, drawn by Russell Dauterman and Matt Wilson..

Hercules and Wolverine

Holy fuck, are they seriously saying that this character is completely straight? According to Marvel Editor-in-Chief -Axel Alonso- Hercules is completely heterosexual. He stated this on ComicBookResources.com. I covered this once before and pointed out the idiotic notion that Hercules is completely heterosexual. Somehow his bisexuality, which has been hinted at in both the comic and in Greek mythology repeatedly, is being ignored. And now this cover was made. Look at it. He is so bisexual! I feel like the artists are intentionally either queer baiting or maybe they will make the character bisexual in the comic and Axel Alonso has changed his mind. I hope that both are the case. I would love to be able to read a Marvel Comic with a bisexual leading man.

man bun

I need to point out, everyone is making a big deal about Hercules’ man-bun. I don’t see the big deal in that. I think he’s sporting it pretty darn well in that image.

7 thoughts on “Have you seen the new completely HETEROSEXUAL Hercules from Marvel Comics?

  1. What is the obsession with man buns? Call me when they start doing French twists, and all feign shock then.

  2. Man, that is one sexy looking Hercules. It’s silly that they’re making him straight. They can reach a completely different audience if he was bi. Sorry but the man-bun needs to go. It looks ridiculous.

  3. I would love to read a comic with Herc being a bisexual. Who cares about the man bun…WOOF to what’s below the man bun!

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