FleaPit – CockyBoys UNCUT Movie Review – Directed by Bruce LaBruce (NSFW)

Consider FleaPit as an anthology movie with different scenes depicting vastly scenarios that goes against the normal rules of many other gay XXX movies out there. Bruce LaBruce has created a movie that has scenes depicting Angels vs Demons and going to alternate realities where the heterosexual population is the minority. Check out my thoughts on this CockyBoys movie in the attached video.

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1 thought on “FleaPit – CockyBoys UNCUT Movie Review – Directed by Bruce LaBruce (NSFW)

  1. Tie Me Up, Dick Me Down.


    I remember seeing promos and the trailer for this, but I wasn’t very impressed by it. Hearing you talk about it, though, makes me think I should give it another look-see. The trailers didn’t do the film justice.

    Good review, Paulie.

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