GayComicGeek Contest Fanfiction Submission #4 – by JH

Jhon and I were best friends since we were in preschool. As we got older things started to change inside me. I didn’t want to be friends. I wanted to be more. The trouble was I had no idea what to say and how he’d feel about it. We talked about pretty much everything and even messed around with confessions of how often we’d jerk off. But that was a hell of a ways from confessing about how I thought about him when I did it. That could be embarrassing to “come out” like that. How does a fucking nerd like me pull this off? Messing with the jock. God, how much of a typical porn scenario this is turning out.

It was the night of his 18th birthday and I finally decided to take the risk then torture myself. I was a couple months older and we are both big boys now and old enough to take it (gigitty). What’s that worst thing that will happen? What was the best? A big party like this wasn’t the best place for this sort of surprise. I’ll save it for later. When I found out my parents were going on a trip next Saturday it felt like all my birthdays merged into one. Before the leave they warned me not to throw parties or bring girls over. I could easily assure them the second wouldn’t happen…

I called Jhon on Saturday afternoon and invited him to come over, possibly stay the night. He arrived less than an hour after the coast was clear. Looking up and down on my dream-stud in a tight white t-shirt and skintight faded jeans. It was even more encouraging when he brought his bag in with him. I wanted to put my arms around him and come in for that kiss like in my fantasies, like an anime cutaway full of glimmers and roses. But for now we’ll just watch movies on the couch and drink. Gotta take it slow. It all came to plan in my head but in real life I wasn’t as sure what the next move would be exactly. He handed me a can of beer which he took from his bag. We sat there on the couch as I flipped through channels to find some music videos. I stretched out a little to at least look like I was relaxed making small talk with a few sips of beer in between. It was hard to concentrate with this secret I needed to confess. “Tell him” my inner consciousness beckoned. Tell him what? About how I imagined a scenario similar to The Girl Next Door in some gay geek on jock theme where I see him in the window across from mine undressing and after spotting me goes for a dip in my pool and comes to the door completely soaked uttering, “I’m all wet, can I come in?”. Queen came on providing the perfect conversation starter as Freddy strutted on stage, mustache-and-hairy chest and all. VH1 Classic. Jhon remarked that there was no way he was gay. ……Really? He couldn’t be more gay even if he tattooed “MY NAME IS FREDDY-FUCKING-MURCURY AND I’M GAY” onto his forehead. My friend had a belief that most gay men wore drag apparently. So much for raiding mom’s closet… but I wasn’t THAT type of gay guy. I was simply a man who wanted another man in sweaty, smelly masculine bliss. “If you were gay would you date a drag queen?” I managed to ask. He thought for a moment stroking his chin. I couldn’t help looking at the muscle of his arm in action “IF I were gay… IF… I’d date a guy who would be like an average guy.” “Same here” I claimed. “I’d like to go with a guy who nobody would think he was gay. Just a normal, straight-acting guy about my age”.

“Oh? And what would you do to him?” he asked leaning over. “If you WERE gay…” his interest seemed to piqued as a finger went to the corner of his lower lip, forming a faint dimpled smirk. The conversation was getting kinda hot fast. Too hot. I was talking about gay sex with the guy I wanted- the guy I was friends with since we were little. I shrugged. “What gay guys do?” The things I’d do to you. “I guess suck, fuck, jerk off…” all night long. “If you were gay you’d suck cock and take it up the ass.” he said flat-out. “Would you suck a guy’s cock if YOU were gay?” “Well yeah… I’d be gay and into that sort of thing. Would you?” He nodded. A confession came out that he would, even take it up the ass for someone he loved and trusted. “Your ass is like a virginity on its own. You don’t just give it to anyone” I began to have the feeling this talk was something special even with the beer and this hard-on from talking about this stuff. At any time we could’ve changed the subject. “Have you ever thought about it? Being with a guy?” I asked. I pushed my glasses up before those fell on the floor too. “Have you?” “Probably. Most guys would think about doing it even if they wouldn’t do it.” “But would you do it?” I got nervous at that moment. It took a few seconds till I found the courage to say “Yes”. There I said it. You know my deep dark secret. Can we take off our clothes now? He smiled. “Finally….” Hmm? “I was starting to think there was something wrong with you when you turned down that cheerleader at school last year. I had my suspicions but don’t worry, I won’t tell.” At least I was grateful for that. But there was one more thing…. “I got something…”

“Yeah?” Instead of trying to find the words I came closer to him and put my lips against his. He didn’t try to get away or flinch. We took a while to kiss, talk, and keep our hands above the belt. Of course being teenage virgins (or at least I was. Shut up, it’s my story) excited about the new intimacy. After a bit he suggested we take off our clothes. My fantasy was starting to come true. He was wearing white briefs, similar to mine. And just like mine his were damp with pre-come. He pulled off his pants as I put my lips against his. He leaned over, wrapping his things around me. I moved my hand down to his thigh and traveled to the swelling hard cock in his underpants. Feeling it, squeezing it, I felt the warmth of it seeping through the briefs, soaking my hand.

He just came? “Sorry about that” he said scratching his head. But it was Okay, as I continued to do what I was already doing- feeling it and letting it soak into my fingers. The sight of him spread out on my couch was probably the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. “Wasn’t how you picture our first time together huh?” he asked. “You mean you’ve been thinking of this too?” “I’ve had a crush on you for who knows how long. I’m so glad you came out to me” “Me too.” I said. “Care to go upstairs?” “Sure” Picking up his bag he followed me into the room. When we were there he took off the underwear revealing his semi-soft cock dangling out there in the open. Man, was that thing big! Shit! I decided to pull mine off too to show it off. I got the nod of approval. He said I’m pretty thick from what he’s seen. We sat there at the bed, kissing as I pulled him closer towards me and my hands explored in different spots. The feeling of his hands coping a feel on my ass was the best. His nipples, unbelievably amazing on their own as his fuzzy chest traveled up and raised to perfection. Falling into bed we hungered for more as we kissed, hands in roaming. He ended up on top of me and I instinctively wrapped my legs around him. I held him close. He broke the kiss with his tongue, sticking it into my mouth and I felt it on mine. “I want to suck your cock” he panted with a look in his eye that was even hungrier for more. He took my throbbing cock, pulling back the foreskin revealing the foaming purple head. I adjusted myself so I could watch in hopes of enjoying it more. The feeling of my best friend circling his tongue around my cock and swallowing my pre-come was somewhere between a dream of mine and the best reality I’ve ever had. I almost came instantly, doing so right in his face, almost like a splash of liquid snow. He smiled and simply gave himself a lick. There weren’t any towels so he took my underwear and wiped his face on that. I decided to take my turn in sucking off all seven inches of him. I was new to this but instinct became the teacher in this situation as he pumped his rod into my mouth as I felt his felt his balls in my

other hand, heavy and wavy but each simple thrust movement. Every lick… every suck… every vein in it…. I savored it, enjoying his taste. It wasn’t long before I was eventually able to feel it slide down my throat. Once he climaxed it was like milking him with my mouth as his knees got weak. What went on was special.

No regrets. “Hold on a sec” he said getting up. “There’s something I want to do”. He crawled over and kissed again. “This was really hot. I’d really like to try other things too” he said with a smile. “Want to be my boyfriend?” I nodded. He laid back down holding onto me. “Good. Cause I think I love you, you know that? And there are so many things I’d like to try out” I smiled thinking of the idea. After everything that went on we laid in each other’s arms naked. We talked for a while about what happened, which we both concluded was nothing to regret. “Just a sec” Jhon said getting out of bed, looking back with a smile. He bent over slowly teasing with the curve of his ass. Absolutely mouthwatering. His cock and balls were hanging there in the wind as well with the sight of his tight hole. I barely noticed when he got into his bag and pulled out something. I think I got hard again. Jumping back onto the bed next to me he tossed me this glossy magazine with some athletic blonde on the the cover wearing nothing but a pink speedo molding around his bulge. The magazine itself wasn’t hardcore but still hotter than anything I’d dare to buy in public. Most pages consisted of gorgeous men in their 20s in erotic poses only dressed in swimwear or nothing but smiles. I thought I might get closer to him again and soon we begin stroking each other’s cock. We turned the pages of the magazine checking out the studs with raging hard-ons themselves. I thought to myself that it was because of how hot this moment was with him and I together at last. It was the greatest thing I imagined us doing together. “This one’s my favorite” he said. “It sorta reminds me of you. Or at least what you’d be doing when… well… you know.”. I looked at the page and saw a full-page of a dark-haired guy probably around 19 or 20. “BAD BOYS IN COLLEGE” the title rang out. He was lying on the bed wearing nothing but a gold necklace and a pair of some long socks with his legs open wid. One hand was grabbing his fat cock and it appeared as though he was having the greatest jerk-off of his life. “And here’s another”. It was the same guy, bent over in bed attempting to push his throbbing cock back to show it off with that firm muscular ass of his. Was he begging to be fucked? Based on that look on his face… oh yeah. I grinned imagining the thought of Jhon bending me down with his underwear at his ankles in the similar position. I also noticed a few pages stuck together. “I often think of you like this when I jerk off” he said. “Do you think of me?” I just did. Eventually we just dropped the magazine. We didn’t need it so what was the point?

“Mmm… you won’t be needing to look at anymore dirty boys in magazines” he growled as his lips came across my neck. “Don’t need you running off with a centerfold hotter than I am” “Oh, fuck you” I said with a laugh. A smile ran into his face. He was up something. “OK. I’m waiting” he began to get on all fours at the edge of the bend and then bent over. My animal instincts must’ve kicked in because I couldn’t control my hungry when I directed myself to it to plant my tongue within. I licked his tight, pink hole and went down onto the base of his balls and around his cock from behind. He began to moan softly as I pressed my lips into his hole and began to tongue around. Eventually it made it feel warm and he started to thrust his ass into my face. That went on back and fourth between each other for about half an hour. “There’s some lube in my bag” he said pointing to it a few feet ahead. I took some of the stuff, squirting a little on my cock and some on his hole. Since there was some on my fingers I didn’t have to worry much about that and began to stick on down into that hole of his. When the time was right I stuck my cock in there, feeling the pressure of that tight entrance. I pushed harder, though carefully, he grunted. He looked over, his mouth hanging wide open as he breathed hard. Another thrust forward from his ass and I felt the insides tighten up, feeling hot and soft. He pushed himself further back. “Fuck me!” he demanded. I was a bit nervous, in fear that it may hurt him so I went just a little bit faster. Every thrust began to make it clear that he was loving it. I did it harder and faster eventually as I repeated slammed my throbbing rod into that ass- fucking him with all six inches. We began making a clap the faster I went and my balls ended up slapping his. At the end of this sweaty climax we were both wet with come, gel, and sweat. When I pulled out my cock it spewed out oozing all over his back. Afterward, we laid on the bed once again. I wrapped my arms around his chest and we kissed once again. This feeling of being close was like nothing I would’ve imagined. “I love you” he said between a frenchy. “I love you too” “I want to be your boyfriend. I never knew I could feel this happy”. I about cried when he said that. It was so sweet and such a dream come true. I didn’t want him to see that though cause he might think I’m a wimp. Soooo… We tried that again as he laid on his back. Over the next 12 hours, Jhon and I worked on our insatiable passion, exploring each and every part of our bodies, finding different sorts of pleasure in surprising places. I never would’ve thought it would be this hot to get your pits licked , or jerk-off the other with your feet; feeling the come ooze between your toes. What we really seemed to enjoy was sixty-nineing. There we shared each other’s pleasure.

A couple weeks later it was Jhon which would pop MY cherry. It took a while till I gave in to his jibes about being a closet-straight boy or not being enough or what not. I took my lover’s cock up my ass

at every opportunity. , lubed with nothing more than our pre-come. Eventually I managed to go get some KY at the store nearby and surprised him with it, giftwrapped and tucked in my underwear. Reclining naked against the head of my bed and gripping my legs up, I trembled as he lubed me up with two of his fingers, eventually pushing and thrusting his greased cock into my virgin asshole. I ordered him to fuck me harder. He knew I wanted it and I was determined to endure the pain at the beginning even if he had to hold me down. I didn’t want it to stop. For a few moments of excruciating pain it final made it to the pleasure spot that made my nipples tingle and my cock harder. Why did I even wait this long? The last barrier between us had been broken. Now there was nothing we wouldn’t do together. My lover eventually came inside me and my anal muscles milked out each drop. I buried my face in the pillow, worn out but feeling a great happiness. Little did I know he was the only guy I ever had. We’ve recently become partners and it never gets old.