GayComicGeek Contest Fanfiction Submission #3- by Anthony Pikkaraine

Hard, Green, and Throbbing All Over

Paul had woken up without any memory of what had happened last night. His head was throbbing and felt a pain in his lower extremities. “I knew I shouldn’t have drank that much, but he was so hot, at least I hope he was… wait… what did he look like?” Paul thought. Paul started cleaning up and found a few used condoms lying on his bed. He went to rub his sore ass and found that there was still a condom left there, hanging as if he had a tail. “What in the world?” Paul said as he started questioning his actions of the previous night.

After cleaning up last night’s mess, Paul decided to take a hot shower. He went into the bathroom, avoiding the mirror not waiting to see that mess that would clearly be there, and put the shower on hot. The steam slowly began to fill the room. Paul went for his douche to clean out anything that might still be in there. “My head is killing me,” Paul thought to himself. He looked into the mirror and saw a phone number on his forehead written in, what appeared to be, green marker. Along, was a note that said had a great time. “Wait, what was his name again? What did we all do last night, and why does my ass hurt so much?” The questions just kept pilling on. “Maybe I should give him a call?” Paul spoke softly. He wrote the number down and jumped into the shower.

The room now engulfed in steam, Paul slowly took off his jockstrap off and dropped it onto the floor. Paul stepped into the shower and let the water pour onto his head. He reached for his soap and slowly lathered his body. He thoroughly rubbed every part, making sure that he did not miss a spot. He slowly followed the outline of his abs, the curvature of his arms, and the bulges that were his pectorals. When he touched his ass, he flinched. He began to softly massage his sore hole in hopes to make it feel better. As he slowly circled his hole with a single finger, he noticed that his cock started to get hard. “Mmmm, that feels better.” Paul began using two fingers to massage his aching hole. He began to moan. Hesitant, Paul decided to insert a finger into his ass; suddenly his cock began to harden. He slowly pushed his finger in and pulled it out. He moaned again. His hole started to feel a little better, so he tried two fingers and screamed “Oh god!” He began to slide his fingers in his aching hole faster. His cock began to pulse each time he pushed. Paul then inserted a third finger and had to brace himself with his other hand on the shower wall. He began to vigorously thrust his fingers in and out of his ass, as he watched his cock ooze precum. Panting and moaning Paul thrusted his fingers faster and deeper, as best as he could, and each time hitting his prostate. He Paused suddenly and kept his hand in his ass and slowly started massaging his prostate with his fingers. He closed his eyes and slowly rubbing it up and down, side to side, flicking it ever so lightly. “Ugh, Ugh, O god, that’s the spot” Paul said loudly. He began to moan louder as his fingers worked his prostate. His cock drizzled precum. Paul continued and shortly after let out a loud moan. “Ugh.” Paul shot out a massive load painting his bathroom wall white with cum; One shot, two shots, three, four, five,… eight shots of cum came pulsing from his cock. Paul stood there panting, trying to catch his breathe. He began cleaning his still twitching cock, moaning loudly as he attempted to clean it. “Well, I guess I won’t need that douche after all, it seems to be clean to me.” Paul thought as he turned the showerhead to the wall and began washing away the semen that was still sticking to it.

Paul turned off the shower and began drying himself off, looking at the number he had written down. “I guess I should give him a call.” He thought. Paul sat on his bed in his towel and reached for his phone. A man answered in a deep voice “Hello?”

“Hey, this is Paul.” He said.

“Oh, yes Paul, I remember you. That was a hot night wasn’t it,” Said the mystery man.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t remember much of what happened last night, only that I woke up with a pretty sore ass.” Paul mentioned, slightly embarrassed about what he had just said.

“It’s alright, my name is Hal. We met at the club last night, and I could tell that you were into me. You said that I had an impressive bulge.” Hal said with a soft chuckle.

“O God,” Paul thought realizing why his ass was so sore. “I’m sorry about that; I’m usually not that direct.” Paul apologized.

“It’s alright, you are quiet a hottie. Say let’s meet for some coffee this afternoon, my treat.” Hal said.

“Um, okay. I have a few errands to run first, but I could meet. How’s 2 o’clock work for you?” Paul asked.

“That’s fine. I will see you at two; let’s meet up at the Starbucks by Panucci’s Place on 53rd.

“Okay, that sounds great, I will see you then.” Paul said, ending the conversation.

“Who is this Hal person, I hope his is as hot as he sounds, I mean that bulge must have been as impressive as I thought especially if it made my ass as sore as it was when I woke up. “ Paul thought to himself realizing that his ass was still a little sore.

After running his errands, Paul finally made it to Starbuck. It was a little after two. Paul was hoping he would get there a little earlier since he couldn’t remember what Hal looked like. Paul stood at the entrance hoping to see someone waving him over, but he didn’t see any guys sitting alone. “Hey there Paul, I recognize that ass anywhere.” A deep voice came from behind him. Paul turned around and saw this chiseled man standing before him. His muscled bulged in his green suit as if it was two sizes too small. His perfectly sculpted jaw line matched up perfectly with his mask.

“Um, are you Hal?” Paul questioned, as he couldn’t take his eye off this man’s body.

“Yes I am, wow you really don’t remember anything from last night do you? Hal responded.

“No, I really can’t remember anything; I must have had too much to drink last night.” Paul said.

“Well, let’s sit down and grab some coffee. I mean that is if you can still sit.” Hal said smirking as they walked to the nearest both.

Paul chuckled a little while he followed Hal. Paul noticed Hal’s perfectly chiseled ass, “that thing could probably crack a diamond in half,” Paul thought to himself. He noticed that his cock had gotten hard again and tried to hide his erection in his waistband; however, he had forgotten to put on underwear today and had to let his erection rest on the button of his fly. “Where should I start?” Hal asked.

“Um, tell me what you do for a living?” Paul said, trying to enquire about Hal’s green outfit and mask.

“O, I am a personal stripper, in fact I am about to go to an appointment. You can come with if you like. You do have a hot body,” Hal said.

“Really?” Paul asked in befuddlement.

“No, I’m joking.” Hal laughed, “I am actually a member of the Green Lantern Corps that helps those who need to be saved. Hal continued, “In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!!!” Paul looked at Hal with a slightly awkward look.

“So do you have any powers?” Paul asked.

“I can create anything I wish just by willing it, and I can fly.” Hal said. Paul’s eyes opened in disbelief. “Oh, don’t believe me, maybe this will jog your memory of what we did last night.” Out of nowhere, a green vibrating dildo appeared and began moving on the table, knocking over their coffee.

“Holy shit, that’s hot.” Paul said a little too loudly. A few heads turned and the dildo faded away before anyone could see it. Paul had a very intrigued looked on his face?

“So you can make anything that you desire?” Paul asked.

“That and more” Hal said with a smolder. “Why don’t we go back to your place and I will show you want I can make for a second time.” Hal said with a wink.

“Let’s do it,” Paul said eagerly. Hal could see that Paul was intrigued and wondered what ideas were racing through Paul’s mind.

The two began making their way back to Paul’s place. Paul wondered how he managed to get with this god-like man. “I’m just down the block here,” Paul pointed out. “So what else can you do?” Paul asked. Hal smirked, and a green mist appeared by Paul’s waist. Paul began feeling a vibration starting in his ass. The intensity increased and stopped Paul in his tracks. Hal places his hands onto Paul’s shoulders.

“That’s only the beginning,” Hal smirked. The vibration stopped and Paul was able to walk again. They made it to Paul’s apartment. When they entered into Paul’s place, a green mist filled the room.

“What are you doing?” Paul asked.

“Wait for it,” Hal said. The mist cleared and an abundance of green dildo’s appeared. “So what do you want to…?” Hal was interrupted by a kiss from Paul. “Mmhmm, I see what you like.” Hal spoke. Hal began to rip off Paul’s clothes. Kissing Paul on his lips hard, forcing his tongue into Paul’s mouth. “I see someone doesn’t like to wear and underwear.” Hal said, Paul shrugged and tried grasped Hal’s body trying to figure out how to get his suit off, but to no luck.

“I want to see your hot body.” Paul demanded.

“Do you now?” Hal said slyly. Hal pushed Paul onto the perfectly made bed and continued to kiss Paul on the lips. Paul barely had enough time to breathe. Hal moved to Paul’s neck and chest, every moment that Paul could figure out where Hal’s lips were Hal would change locations. Kisses turned soon to licking and not a single inch was missed on Paul’s body.

“You are an animal!” Paul said excitingly.

With a slight growl, Hal said, “You have no idea.” Hal went back to kiss Paul for a brief moment and then stood up. With his arms to his side, his cock busted through his suit. “Now on your knee’s boy.” Hal demanded.

“Yes Sir,” Paul replied. Paul put his lips to Hal’s nine and a half in cock. First admiring it and began to lick it slightly. Hal’s cock twitch as it began to grow to its full size.

“Now suck it.” Hal demanded grabbing a hold of Paul’s head forced his cock into Paul’s mouth. Paul sucked Hal’s cock. As he bobbed back and forth, he hoped he could get some air, but each time he tried to get his mouth off Hal’s massive cock, his head was forced back to the base of Hal’s balls. He managed to break free for a few seconds. “You like my cock?” Hal asked.

“O god yes” Paul replied.

“Good, now get back to work.” Hal said. He stood there as Paul sucked his cock hard, forcing more and more blood to his already rock hard cock. He grabbed Paul’s head and pushed it until Paul’s forehead touched Hal’s abs. “Now I want you to hold it.” Hal said. Paul struggled to hold it. He broke

free for a brief moment to catch his breath and went back down on Hal’s cock. He was able to hold it longer this time. As Paul was holding Hal’s cock deep in his throat, Hal created a special surprise for Paul. Paul began to feel something enter his ass. It was large and throbbing. It began to thrust in and out of his ass. Hal stopped Paul from looking behind him. “I want your eyes on me. Hal demanded and Paul nodded in agreement. Paul continued swallowing Hal’s cock as this mysterious figure Hal created continued to fuck Paul. The cock entered in at a fast pace only to be pulled out completely. With each thrust, it felt that a different cock was entering into Paul’s ass.

Paul took his mouth off Hal’s cock and said, “I want you to fuck me.”

“But I already am” Hal said. Paul looked back and there was a green light construct of Hal fucking his ass.

Paul looked at Hal and demanded. “I want the real thing.”

“Sure” Hal said with a smirk. Paul lay on his still perfectly made bed and waited with his knees at his head for Hal to enter. Hal then pushed his rock hard cock into Paul’s ass. It felt bigger than Hal’s doppelganger. With each thrust, Paul’s toes curled with pleasure, and with each thrust, Paul noticed that Hal’s suit would rip a little in a random location.

“Nice body” Paul said with a smirk on his face.

“You have seen nothing yet.” Hal said as he continued to fuck Paul harder and faster. With each thrust, Hal would hit Paul’s prostate, forcing Paul to moan with pleasure. Paul could barely keep his eye straight. “I’m coming,” Hal yelled as he shot his load while balls deep in Paul’s ass. When Hal climax he reached for his suit and ripped it off.

“That was great,” Paul said.

“Were not done yet” Hal informing Paul as he went down to kiss Paul while his rock hard cock was still in Paul’s ass. Hal continue to fuck Paul’s ass with even more vigorous thrust than before. Paul was speechless. Hal grabbed hold of Paul’s cock and began to stroke it. Paul’s eye went to the back of his head as Hal gripped Paul’s cock with his very strong hands. Hal stopped for a moment and pulled his cock out of Paul’s now gapping ass. Hal kissed Paul on his abs and slowly moved down to Paul’s cock. He blew on it softly, licked it gently, and then started to suck Paul’s throbbing cock.

“Oh my god, you are… really *moans* good at this.” Paul could barely talk as Hal sucked Paul’s cock. Hal could feel Paul’s balls tingle, Hal smirked and continued. Hal could feel Paul’s cock throb in his mouth as he tried to suck the cum straight from Paul’s balls. “I’m getting close.” Paul struggled to get the words out.

“Good” Hal said while he continues to blow Paul.

“I’m cl-cl-clo-close” Paul stuttered. Then Paul felt a thick dildo enter in his ass. Paul couldn’t speak. The dildo twisted, turned, and thrusted by itself while both of Hal’s hands were massaging Paul’s thighs. “Oh my god” Paul thought unable to get any words from his mouth. Hal felt Paul’s balls clench, so he grabbed them and pulled them away from Paul’s body, making Paul’s orgasm last a little longer. Soon Hal’s mouth filled with Paul’s cum. It just kept coming. Paul counted the pulses in his head: four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine! Paul gasped for air.

“Mmmm, that is tasty.” Hal said licking his lips after swallowing Paul’s entire load. The dildo disappeared and Paul felt Hal’s cock enter his ass again. Hal began to fuck Paul viciously. Hal stopped for a moment and pulled out. He then turn Paul around onto his stomach and went back in. This time he had Paul place his legs behind Hal’s and then placed Paul in a full nelson and lifted him off the bed. Hal

fuck Paul while Paul was suspended in the air, letting gravity do most the work. Paul was speechless, only able to let out quick moans of enjoyment. Paul soon notices that Hal wasn’t even touching the ground anymore. Each time Hal went up Paul came off Hal’s cock slightly, and when Hal came down his cock went further up Paul’s ass.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God” Those were the only words Paul was able to spit out.

“Where do you want it?” Hal asked.

“Anywhere” Paul said breathlessly.

Hal threw Paul onto his bed and said, “Open your mouth.” Paul did and Hal released his second load into Paul’s mouth. Hal’s load was so large that Paul had to swallow to let more cum in. It was as if it was never going to stop. Hal moaned in enjoyment, soon pulled his cock out of Paul’s mouth, and kissed him. “Did you enjoy that?” Hal asked.

“That was the best sex I have ever had.” Paul said excitingly.

“I’m glad you did.” Hal responded. As Paul and Hal lay on the bed, Paul took the chance to admire the sculpted body that was Hal’s.

Suddenly a red light burst into Paul bedroom. Hal had sprung quickly to his feet, but was blown back into the neighboring apartment. This guy looked like he was wearing the same outfit as Hal, but it was red and had a different symbol.

“Atrocitus” Hal shouted. Atrocitus grabbed Paul and flew out the window. Hal tried to follow, but was blindsided by Vice. “If you want your little fuck boy back you know where to find me. Atrocitus slapped Paul ass and firmly grasped it. Paul looked at Atrocitus in terror and noticed that he had a rock hard cock and knew what was going to happen next. “I don’t know if my ass can take anymore,” Paul thought as he was carried to the Red Lantern’s lair.

…To Be Continued…


Anthony Pikkaraine