GayComicGeek FanFiction Submission #2- by Devon Chenoweth

A Marvel-ous Time by Devon Chenoweth

In New York, anything can happen.

I know because I just experienced it last night…

Phase One: The Spider

I was answering a Craigslist meet up, asking for an ‘adventurous’ kinda night. I brought the usual, condoms, lube, poppers, ect. and pulled up to a warehouse just outside all the flashing lights of the city. On the door was a sign that said ‘Cum on in’. I walked inside and it was really dark. I mean the lights inside seemed like a low burn and a voice that echoed throughout the warehouse said, “Glad you made it. You ready to ride?” I was a ball of excitement mixed with nervous curiosity…and fear. All I could muster up was a whisper of a “Yes…”

Then, I hear two slick sounds and feel both my wrists hit the wall that was behind me. Another two slick noises and my legs seemed stuck to the wall as well. It was like some sticky…webbing?! I couldn’t move and was about to panic when I saw a masked figure, upside down, sliding on what looked like a thick white rope, came right in front of me. “Let’s begin.” and the guy lifted his mask over his mouth and came right at my face. Man, he tasted great. As our mouths interlocked, one of his hands started to slowly unbutton my shirt, the cool air touching my skin. His hand was busy caressing my body, inching ever close to my lil’ guy who was beginning to notice the fun happening.

His hand then came across my throbbing friend, begging to be freed and the guy smiled, “Hold on to your hat, Tiger. I’ll be right back.” He started sliding down further til I felt his warm breath around my dick. I looked down as he already unzipped my pants, dug past the boxers, pulled it out and slowly caressed it with his tongue. His hand started to grip my dick at the base and began to suck, right at the head. As I was swirling in pleasure, I look up and realized; His dick was right in my face, just leaking with precum through his suit. I move my head as far as I can and start licking it off of him.

He stops sucking, “Ah, give me a sec.” and reaches down tearing his suit right where his crotch was. “There ya go buddy, have at it.” and back to my dick he went. He started to swing a little on his rope, which was perfect, letting his big dick just ease right into my mouth, and out….and right back in. My dick seemed pulsing with precum at this guy’s work, I mean, he is just sucking all the energy outta me and I can feel I’m ready to burst. The swing is a bit faster and I start to slightly clench with my teeth right where his enormous head starts so it doesn’t escape my tongue. I can’t hold it any longer; I let out a soft grunt as I explode in that vortex of a mouth he’s got. That seemed to be the tipping point for him as well because no sooner had I ejaculated; I could feel his pulsing cock shooting his hot cum right down my throat. We stayed there for a moment making sure we each catch every drop.

The guy flips off his rope and planted his tongue deep in my mouth as if to savor any remains I took from him. He stops and smiles, “Glad you enjoyed Phase One…”. “Phase One?” I asked puzzled. He smile slowly grew as his head slightly turned, looking back a bit. “He’s all your, Hawkeye.”

To Be Continued in

Phase 2: The Archer