GayComicGeek – FanFiction Submission #1 by Jaron Kie

Gay Comic Geek meets Silver Fox and Toxic Twink

By Jaron K.

Siren’s echoed through the dark metro streets, standing at the edge of the roof, A cool breeze drifted in the air gently licking The Gay Comic Geek’s exposed inner thigh. His skin tight blue, red, and yellow suit was partially ripped from a long fought battle with Leather Dog and his pack of Harnessed Pups attempting to rob the Metro Bank. His loins began to stir at the slight breeze while he overlooked the gang of leather clad villains being led into police cars, it also didn’t help his horniness was heightened due to adrenaline and not having ejaculated in a month. “Leather Dog is going to get off light this time.” The voice of the police chief called out from behind. “Why’s that?” Gay Comic Geek asked. “He tipped us off with valuable information about two more villains on the loose. Apparently Silver Fox and Toxic Twink are planning something together, however he won’t give up the exact details until we detain him at the station.” The Gay Comic Geek turned to face the police chief, threads of his red uniform blowing with the breeze. “He’s stalling. Don’t give him what he wants. Remember, he’s a BDSM expert. Torture games are his forte. Let me know the second he talks, I’m sending The Dominatrix to help you out. She’s just as much an expert as Leather Dog.” The chief, slightly distracted at Gay Comic Geek’s growing erection starting to peek out of the rips in his suit. “Thank you, I… Must be going.” Hurried, the chief opened the roof door and descended the stairs. Alarmed at the chief’s sudden, awkward departure, Gay Comic Geek returned to the edge of the roof to overlook the clean-up below, pondering the new information the chief was talking about, unaware of his growing phallus. Another breeze swooped in, this time tickling the pulsing head of his exposed member, causing him to take notice. “What in the world?” He exclaimed with surprise. There was something different, his normally large erection felt larger in size this time, almost double what it normally was. Certainly larger than a normal human’s erection had ever been.

His head began to feel cloudy, “HAHAHAHA! You think a BIG hero like yourself would be more careful where he EXPOSES himself.” Stirred by the familiar voice, Gay Comic Geek began to frantically search from where the voice was coming, unexpectedly fell to the ground dizzily. “I’ve been waiting for months to take you down.” Silver Fox’s hairy and slim slightly muscular frame was now straddled over Gay Comic Geek, who was lying defenseless on the ground. His shiny silver rubber chaps squeaked as he descended to the ground, meeting The Gay Comic Geek’s face with a scruffy salt and pepper beard. “You see, for years we have been going about this the wrong way.” A gust wind blowing the sweaty musk of Silver Fox’s jock strapped crotch into Gay Comic Geek’s nose, making his engorged erection quiver slightly. Another set of foot steps landed on the roof. “We’ve been trying to destroy you, kill you, get RID of you. That was wrong. What we needed to do, was to USE you, EMBARRASS you, and finally ENSLAVE YOU!” The other set of footsteps grew closer to show a slender, hairless, blond “boy” in ripped jean shorts, Toxic Twink. “Silver Fox is right. You’re ideal strength and intellect make you a formidable opponent yes, but a better ‘ally’ you would make.” Gay Comic Geek began to struggle on the ground to get up but some strange force was keeping him down. Toxic Twink picked him up and began to tie him up, leaving his now monstrous leaking cock exposed. Silver Fox turned him around and took advantage of a hole in Gay Comic Geek’s suit to expose his gleaming bubble butt. “Twink, grab The Chair.”

‘The Chair’ was large and wooden with restraints on the armrests and a large hole in the center of the seat, Gay Comic Geek could make out some sort of mechanical apparatus underneath the seat but his hazy weakened condition and the darkness of the roof did not allow him to make out any more details. “Whaaa… Whhaaaaa…. Why?!” Was the first thing Gay Comic Geek was able to say. “Well, more like WHY NOT?!” Exclaimed Silver Fox. “With you fighting for us, the city will fall to our will and become a playground!” “Buuuu….Buuu… You can’t! I…. Wwwwoooo…Wooon’t!!” Yelled Gay Comic Geek. “YOU NO LONGER HAVE A CHOICE….” Silver Fox came in closer to his ear and whispered “… Paul.” Shocked with having his identity exposed Gay Comic Geek began to thrash using what little strength he could muster to free himself from his rope restraints. “TWINK!!! I NEED SOME BRUTE!!” Without hesitation Toxic Twink began to grow in size and muscles began bulge and pop. His jean shorts ripped apart as his thighs and crotch began to pop in size as well. Toxic Twink was now a Muscle Twink wrapped his bulging arms around Paul’s comparable slender frame, straddling his exposed ass cheeks on his limp monster penis, slowly growing it more erect. “HAHAHA!! You didn’t think I brought Toxic Twink for the eye candy did you!?” Gay Comic Geek was still squirming for the chance of escape but soon went limp as Toxic Twink squeezed him tight.

“Now, Muscle Twink is going to loosen you up, in more ways than one, while I prep the The Chair.” Muscle Twink’s erection, now fully erect and oozing with pre-cum, slipped between Gay Comic Geek’s cheeks and started to poke at his tightly clenched sphincter. “FOX!” Muscle Twink Grunted “HE’S CLENCHING! TIGHT! MUSCLES!” Paul laughed limply in Twink’s arms. “Wow, not many boys asses can resist Muscle Twink’s super pre-cum, even the Total Tops. HAHA You think you’ve gotten us beat because you’re Super Power Bottom!” Silver Fox produced a small brown bottle from a pouch secured to the side of his chaps, he tossed it at Twink’s feet. “It’s my own recipe. Guaranteed to loosen any man’s anus.” A cloud of vapor began to engulf the two men as the Popper Bomb broke. Gay Comic Geek fought to loosen Twink’s grip but the vapor only made him stronger, Gay Comic Geek held his breath but it wasn’t enough, the vapor took him over and his body was limp also loosening his tightly clenched anus allowing Twink’s erection to push in. Paul screamed in pleasured agony as Twink’s gigantic erection penetrated his anus. Paul’s own erection began to ooze with pre-cum at the pleasure of his prostate being punched. “AHHHH!!! NOOOO!!!” Gay Comic Geek began to cry out. Muscle Twink began to thrust his bound and limp captive on his penis, he then used his free hand to play with the moaning hero’s own manipulated monster cock, using his pre-cum to edge the mushroom head of his penis. “AHHHH OH MY GOD! PLEASE!!! DON’T!! STOP!! PLEASE!! STOP!!! DON’T…. DON’T….STOP….DON’T STOP!!!” The Gay Comic Geek had finally succumb to Silver Fox and Muscle Twink’s torture.

“TWINK! ENOUGH!!! I think he’s gotten the point.” Silver Fox had called. “Besides, if he blows his load now, then there won’t be enough for The Chair to extract.”

What is The Chair?! What did Silver Fox do to Gay Comic Geek’s Penis? Will he get to blow his load? Find out next time in GAY COMIC GEEK vs. THE CHAIR!!!