GayComicGeek – Patreon Biweekly Whoring Myself Out Post


Yeah I’m a whore. I have to promote myself every couple weeks to promote my page. Visit my site for stuff that I don’t even post on this site at:

My Facebook Page:


3 thoughts on “GayComicGeek – Patreon Biweekly Whoring Myself Out Post

  1. Granted, you are giving out fan service. But you are in no way, shape, or form a whore. Whores don’t have as many fans as you do, enjoy life as much as you do, or smile as much as you do. You have a great life and any person that sees you would sooner call you a success before they call you a whore.

  2. I do not believe that you are a “whore”! No Way! No How! Times May Be Tough And Yes You Have To “Drum Up” Some Business But That’s Not The Same As “Whoring!” You Have Not Sunk That Low! While Some Of Your Comic Con Convention Photos Can Be A Bit Risque – You Have Not Started To Show Off The Goods – Yet! (But if you do – I have a few requests. Smile) – Question – Why Do They Use Lawyers In Laboratory Experiments? Answer – Because There Are Some Things Even Rats Will Not Do! Here’s Hoping That You Have Not Sunk Low Enough To Be A Lawyer!

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