GayComicGeek Patreon – Obligatory Click Bait Post

I have a Patreon page. I like to post up my private pics of sexy male costumers that I have taken. And look – Some tatted arm guy with cut off jean shorts captured Robin! Or maybe he willingly came along, I can’t tell. Most of my Patreon site pics are of my friends and other cosplayers that enjoy a slightly sexualized look at costuming. Both gay and straight men seem to have fun with this. This is always with their permission of course. My buddy Jay was the one pictured above and really had some fun as ‘Captured Robin.’

On a different matter, there are certain gear here and there that I don’t quite understand how to wear. I post these pics on my Patreon page as well. This singlet had no instructions, so I was lost at first. It is an assless wear and it goes up the back but not the front. It’s quite fun to wear though, after I figured it out. By the way, that’s Green Arrow captured below. I have no idea who’s junk is being shoved in his face.

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