GayComicGeek YouTube Accounts – All of them have been Suspended

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As of 10/5/2015, all my YouTube accounts have been suspended. I have no idea how this happened. I have received a notice that one of my videos was blocked in some countries because of the music that I used. But the video was not deleted. I simply could not use it for ad revenue since I did not own the music on the video. Which made sense. I also had a video that was age restricted, meaning that a person had to be 18 or over to view it. But again, the video was left on YouTube and YouTube did not delete it. If these counted as ‘strikes’ against me, it was not shown on my settings. My status always remained in ‘Good Standing’ with no penalties. However I got the notice that my account and all my channels had been suspended though email on 10/5/2015.


This is a major blow for me. I had been terminated from my office job earlier this year for my videos and everything that I do online. Rather than go back into the same profession, I had made it my choice to continue on making videos and work as an online vlogger full time. Which was working. It was not completely steady but traffic to my site and my videos have been continually rising. My videos do make money and was not the sole source of my income, but it did help out tremendously.


What happens from here? I can continue to vlog through other video sites such as the lesser used site – Vimeo. Which this site is much less restrictive. I would have to purchase a Pro account to upload the number of videos that I do upload in a weekly setting. I would not make any money off of these videos as there is no Adshare revenue that I am aware of at this time. Or I could download a plugin that would allow me to host my own videos, rather than rely on an outside video hosting site. But I would more than likely have a slower load time and the videos themselves would be lesser quality.


I filed an appeal with the form below. I do not know if that will do anything as I have been reading very mixed messages from many YouTubers online. It appears to be my only recourse. I do not like feeling this way. No one does, right? I am not the most optimistic person in the world, but I definitely do not wallow in my own self defeat. I felt bad and depressed for a day after I was fired from my previous job before I took action. This time, I had anxiety all night long and honestly did not sleep. But it is a new day and I will have to move on. I am just not sure what direction to go yet. I have to find a new path to succeed at being the GayComicGeek. It took several years to build up the number of subscribers that I did on YouTube. I hate to think that all of that work is thrown out because of some technicality on a site that has not even been explained to me what happened. I also do not want to think that all the haters that I have, which have grown in number as well recently, have won and successfully removed me from posting online.

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I am completely open to advice. If you suggest something, by all means, I promise to read it and take it seriously. I obviously will not be posting up videos in the next couple of days, but I will continue to post on both my websites and my Patreon site. Thank you all for being there and thank you to those that have been encouraging me to go on. You are all literally why I keep doing what I do.

8 thoughts on “GayComicGeek YouTube Accounts – All of them have been Suspended

  1. Truly unfair. I hope you find out what really happened, and I hope the petition helps.
    Keep your head up, your site is great. I hope things start going your way soon. Good luck in the new direction you’re heading. I’m sure it will go as well if not better than the last ones. You’ll find the right balance soon. – D

  2. Man this is total bullshit! Did you ever find out what got the account suspended? Totally feel for you man. Your videos are your voice and you got a voice many people subscribe to listening to. It’s good to see that you are still doing videos albeit from Vimeo but i really hope you get this resolved and not lose out too much from it. Always there to cheer you on and support your cause. Monkeygogo x

  3. I think it really unfair, they say they will communicate with you, but I was up to it from the beginning to suspend account and they being good guys to not have justification to defend

    It may also be because you have a youtube channel this with a link to your site having gay porn content, (they warned about it?)

    It’s really very sad that, but you’ve reached a lot of fans that the day you created your site and become better every year, I always see through my email, I like the entire contents of your website.

    If they don’t want you, they lost because you make the best gay – geek – comics – gay movies reviews – gay porn reviews I can find on the internet.

    You’re the only person I know who is gay porn reviews I know, I love it

    You are amazing and my website is my favorite, don’t let it bring you down.

    It will get better because you have fans who believe and love your content will not abandon you because the channel on youtube that was suspended

    Strength !

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  4. Hey Paul! Just so you know we all support you and are working as hard as we can to get the word out and get you back up! Stay strong buddy! We’ll work it out <3

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