Midnighter #5 – Comic Book Review from DC Comics

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Previously, Midnighter teamed up with Agent 37, aka Dick Grayson, in his mission to retrieve many pieces of technology that was stolen from the God Garden.

In this issue we conclude the small arc with Agent 37 helping Midnighter. Interesting read with excellent art that is illustrated throughout the issue. The story is consistent in the overall storyarc with Midnighter unraveling the keys to who is behind stealing the artifacts and tech from the God Garden. His banter with Dick Grayson is incredible and they definitely need to have a team up with Batman at some point down the line. Check out my thoughts on the issue in the video below.

Midnighter #5

Written by: Steve Orlando

Illustrated/Drawn by: Stephen Mooney

Released: October 2015

2 thoughts on “Midnighter #5 – Comic Book Review from DC Comics

  1. Is it me or does Matt kind of resemble Apollo?

    I like the banter/flirting between Midnighter and Dick. This was another fun issue.

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