GCG Fan Fic Contest Entry – Part 3 to Devon Chenoweth’s submission

Phase 3: The Monster

So there I was, cum dripping out from my hole, still bound to a table and both men who fucked me were standing a few feet away, recovering from the work they did on me. I heard light footsteps and a gentle hand glided across my face. I look to see this gorgeous stud of a geek. Black rimmed glasses, thin, yet a bit toned leaving nothing to the imagination. His dick was perfect, the arch the length, damn I wanted to taste it. “Here, why don’t you wet this for me?’ With my ass relaxing from the last fuck fest, I was more than happy to work with my mouth. As I sucked on his delicious dick, he slowly untied me from the table and used a spray on the webbing, dissolving them and freeing my wrists. I instantly wrapped myself around him, sucking so anxiously. He giggled a bit and pulled away, “Hold on, hot stuff…” he looked down at my ass, “this belongs in there don’t you think?” I nodded and instantly was on all fours with my head down and ass in the air, ready to receive.

He lubed up and slowly pushed his cock in. Not sure whether my hole was still loose or if the Archer’s device numbed me but it didn’t hurt…at all. It felt so good having him slowly caress his cock in and out. I let out a small moan and just stayed still while he lightly pounded into me.

“I think he’s ready.” said the Spider Guy. I moved my head to see the Archer nodded and picked up his bow, pulled out an arrow, and shot AT THE DOC! The arrow landed in his leg and the Doc screamed…but still fucked me…only he seemed to like it and that wasn’t all. His screams became moans which went deeper and he seemed to grow. I’m not shitting you, THIS FUCKER WAS GROWING!!! His lean body started filling out and his muscles seemed to be punching his skin, expanding and swelling. I would’ve continued watching but I jerked my head up and yelled….his dick was growing inside me!!! I could feel that cock expanding and lurching more and more inside me, the pain was intense. I turned my head as tears started forming in my eyes and the Archer nodded and pulled out the remote. “Hang in there, kid.” He pushed the button. The device on my prostate activated and instantly, the pain became intense pleasure, numbing my hole from this monster’s expanding dick. The monster also seemed to react well to the device as his dick slid over it. The growing seemed to stop and all I heard, all I felt was his hot breath on my back. The device did its work, that dick once again felt amazing. After a moment of silence, I thought ‘What the hell, it’s already in me’ and turned my head facing the monster. “Well? Don’t tell me you’re done now big guy…BRING IT ON!”

The monster smirked and he grabbed both sides of my hip and positioned himself. All I heard was “Hulk…SMASH!” and he pounded away! Sweet fuckitty hell, my body just lost all control as he pounded my ass, creating huge ripples of such a sensation! I felt every pulsing vein every rush of precum that flowed from this behemoth of a dick. Whatever was left in my balls just emptied out, I couldn’t hold it in if I wanted to, it just seem to spread everywhere. Then I hear this deep rumbling of a moan coming from the monster, so I closed my eyes and just waited. Shit, what a load! I felt everything and I mean EVERYTHING! I felt his dick twinge as his balls prepared a shot, I felt the load course through his dick and then my insides were literally coated with his hot, huge cum. It was inflating my stomach. The cum couldn’t go anywhere as its exit was plugged by a huge dick!

He paused to catch his breath and as he did, he started to shrink. Both the Spider Guy and the Archer seemed to glide right under the two of us, their bodies beneath where my ass was hanging off the table. “Let it flow, champ!” As the monster-now-forming-a-man slowly pulled out, the stream of his cum just erupted out of my ass like a sperm geyser, covering both guys in this load. They rolled in it, rolled on each other, and made out while covered in monster cum. I was so exhausted; I just collapsed on the table with the last sounds I seemed to hear was the passionate make-out session those two were having.

When I opened my eyes I was shocked. “What…what am I doing in my room? How did I get here?” I tried to move but my legs were still dead from all the activity, I turned my body till I was facing up and looked around. I noticed something at the corner of my windowsill next to the bed. I reached over to grab it and noticed it was a tiny piece of paper attached to a thick, yet small collection of webs. I read the paper:

“Thanks for an evening to remember, Tiger! Any chance you wanna meet the whole gang, you just let me know!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

P.S.-When you’re ready for us to assemble, call 555-****”

Sorry guys. Bet you wish you had that number but it’s mine and mine alone 😉

And that was my Marvelous Night!

-Your Horny Neighborhood Gay Comic Geek-