Contest Submission – Art (DAMN, look at how accurate the tattoos are!)

Holy fuck! This guy, Bryan aka Pumba actually got my tats down to a science! I mean he even got my new tats down. This guys is fucking amazing!!! Look at his work. I particularly like the second pic with jizz all over me. But that’s just my opinion! What do you guys think?

Gay Comic Geek Bryan Pumba

Gay Comic Geek-version 2 Bryan Pumba

9 thoughts on “Contest Submission – Art (DAMN, look at how accurate the tattoos are!)

  1. Holy shit that art is awesome^_^!
    *I bow to a skill far superior to my own*
    Super hot:)

  2. Damn this guy is really talented and so are you. On another note you could have sponsors for the cons and that way you could still go to them. Since you are one of the more popular characters at the cons I bet there are people you could get to sponsor you out there and back. You may have to whore yourself a little bit more on the internet but I think you might like that. LOL

  3. Made me hard as hell hot want see more !!! What you need to do is take a real life picture both ways in the see how accurate he was of drawing you… Post it or email it to me

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