Harrison Ford – The Sexy Star I Never Realized!


You know who I never realized was hot? Harrison Ford. There are some actors that I never looked at sexually. I grew up watching the Indiana Jones movies and my dad, of all people, get me to watch Star Wars. It was my father’s only geeky thing that the did. Anyways, I never associated Ford as being a hot sexy man. Maybe it was child naivete or maybe I just did not see my heroes as being sexy people. Looking back however…wow. I totally missed out on Ford goodness.

Harrison Ford 6

Not that he has not aged well, he is currently 73 as of this post, but from his look in the 1980s, he look incredible. I saw the Indiana Jones movies out of order and saw the Last Crusade first with my older siblings. I loved it. Years later when I went through puberty, I still never thought of Ford as being a sexy guy. I just saw his past sci-fi movies with fun and thought of him as being an incredible actor.


Looking back at his career and still crying a bit at his Han Solo character in Star Wars will no longer be present, I feel that this is a great performer. His sex appeal was there and I am surprised more people did not notice this. Looking at past articles when he was younger, he was rarely mentioned as being a sexy man. Haha, although I have read some horror stories that he is difficult to work with. Especially now in his older age. Hell, you know what, he can be a cranky old guy. He definitely deserves it. I know I am looking forward to being that cranky old man one day myself. Just so I can use the word – whipper snapper. Anyways, here’s some hot sexy Harrison Ford goodness. Enjoy!