Besides me, who else has been waiting for a Masters of the Universe/Thundercats crossover? We get a lot of parodies that show both He-Man and Lion-O having sexual overtones with each other. We even get match ups on line with endless debates as to who would defeat the other. DC Comics has finally decided to pair the two franchises up in an independent universe. Here’s the first issue and I thought it came out pretty darn good. I avoided speaking of any real spoilers.

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1 thought on “He-Man / Thundercats DC Comic Book Review (Minor Spoilers)

  1. I was really surprised by this first issue. I didn’t expect the action to start right away. I couldn’t believe who got hurt and who seemed to have died. I wonder if this means that the next few issues will be slow. I hope not because I like the urgency of this issue. My inner child was screaming with joy throughout this issue. I loved that you included your video of questioning the writers at SDCC at the very end. Nice touch.

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